SmartID und qfs:label

The following settings define details for capture and replay of SmartIDs and qfs:label* variants. Please see section 5.6 and subsection for details.

Optionen für SmartID und qfs:label
Figure 39.30:  SmartID und qfs:label-Optionen
6.0+SmartID recording (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_RECORD_SMARTID

If this option is active, SmartIDs will be recorded instead of components where possible.

6.0+Always record class for SmartID (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_RECORD_SMARTID_CLASS

Prepending the class of the target component is optional for SmartIDs. This option determines whether classes are always prepended when recording SmartIDs or only if required for uniqueness. The option is active by default because - in addition to improved readability and clarity - having the class in a SmartID improves replay performance significantly.

7.0+Always record qualifier for SmartID (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_RECORD_SMARTID_QUALIFIER

This option determines whether the qualifier for a SmartID gets recorded or not. In the following cases the qualifier will always be rercorded, regardless of the setting:

7.0+Priority for recording SmartIDs with qualifier (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_RECORD_SMARTID_PRIORITIES

This comma-separated list of qualifiers determines the order in which criteria for component recognition are applied when recording SmartIDs. The default value of "name,qlabel,feature" tells QF-Test to first look for a name and use it for the SmartID, if available. Next is the test for a qfs:label*-variant and last for a feature. See SmartID for a list of available qualifiers and their meanings.

Note For replay of a SmartID with no explicit qualifier the order is the same as the default value. Thus the search starts by looking for a named component only, then for qfs:label* and feature, which are taken as equivalent and implicitly combined.

7.0+Maximum length for recorded SmartID value (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_SMARTID_MAX_VALUE_LENGTH

In rare cases, the feature or associated label of a component can be very long. This is not a problem as such and often goes unnoticed if stored in a 'Component' node, but it can be rather unwieldy in a SmartID. For ease of use, values longer than the value given in this option are automatically converted into a regular expression of the given length.

7.0+Use SmartID instead of QPath for components inside items (System)
Server (automatically forwarded to SUT) script name: OPT_RECORD_SMARTID_INSTEAD_OF_QPATH
A component inside an item, e.g. a CheckBox inside a table cell, has to be represented as a pseudo item with special syntax. Starting with QF-Test version 7, SmartID has replaced the outdated QPath for this task. If this option is deactivated, QPath will be used except when general SmartID recording is active.
7.0+Recording of qfs:label* variants (System)

This option determines which qfs:label* variants are getting recorded as 'Extra features':

  • The value "Record all variants" causes all qfs:label* variants found to be stored in the 'Extra features'. The best label found gets the state "Should match", all others the state "Ignore". For a SmartID the specific qualifier is recorded (see table qfs:label* variants).
  • With the value "Record specific only", only the best rated qfs:label* variant is stored in the 'Extra features' or used as the qualifier in a SmartID.
  • The value "Record qfs:labelBest only" tells QF-Test to only record the best rated qfs:label* variant and store it in the 'Extra features' with the name qfs:labelBest, see Best label. When recording the best label as SmartID with "Record qfs:labelBest only", depending on the setting of the option Always record qualifier for SmartID, either no qualifier will be recorded or the specific qualifier of the label.
  • If set to "Legacy qfs:label mode", the associated label is determined via the old algorithm from before QF-Test 7.0. It is stored as qfs:label in the 'Extra features'. For a SmartID the qualifier qlabel is used, but not recorded by default ().