Extra features

The table 'Extra features' stores various information useful for the recognition of the component. In the chapter about 'Extra features' you will find a list of the default entries. But you can also add your own via an ExtraFeatureResolver (see subsection 51.1.10).

Some of the additional features are recorded preventatively and are not usually used for component recognition. This mostly concerns information about the component class, which QF-Test uses to derive the Generic classes. By default, they have the status "Ignore". This can be changed if the original value is of interest in special cases.

Among the 'Extra features', qfs:label is interesting for recognition.


Component recognition is influenced by the extra feature qfs:label. During component analysis a label for the component is searched for depending on the generic class, and stored here. For a button, this is firstly its own text, secondly a programmatically assigned label. The next choice is a nearby component with the class Label, then the tooltip, then the icon description. The exact selection depends on the generic class of the component and can be referenced in Generic classes.

The influence of the extra feature qfs:label on the 'QF-Test component ID' is described in Generating the component 'QF-Test ID'.

Components can also be directly addressed in a SmartID (Preview) via qfs:label without recording a 'Component' node.


qfs:text contains the text of the component itself. For text fields or PDF components, this is an additional information which could not be used for component recognition without an additional resolver up until QF-Test version 5.3.