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Uwe Klüh, Senior Sales Manager, QFS

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Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS

Help is given in the software itself, too.

You can access the whole documentation directly from within QF-Test.


Keyboard shortcuts
Navigation and editing

This table gives a useful overview of QF-Test's basic and advanced navigation and editing keyboard shortcuts:

Windows/Linux macOS Function
File Navigation
[Control-N] [⌘-N] New
[Control-O] [⌘-O] Open
[Control-S] [⌘-S] Save
- [⇧⌘-S] Save as
Basic Editing
[Control-Z] [⌘-Z] Undo last change
[Control-Y] [⇧⌘-Z] Redo last change
Search and Replace
[Control-F] [⌘-F] Search
[F3] [F3] Continue previous search
[Control-G] [⌘-G] Search again
[Control-H] [⌃-H] Replace
Workbench View
[Control-PageDown] [⌃-⇟] Next test-suite
[Control-PageUp] [⌃-⇞] Previous test-suite
[Alt-1, 2, ... 9] [⌘-1, 2, ... 9] Switch to 1st, 2nd, ... 9th testsuite
[F5] [⌘-R] Refresh project directory
[Shift-F5] [⇧⌘-R] Rescan project directory
[F6] [F6] Switch focus back and forth between suite and project view
[Shift-F6] [⇧-F6] Select the current suite in the project tree, showing the project if necessary
[Control-F6] [⌃-F6] Switch to previously active suite.
Keep [Control] pressed and type [F6] again to move further back. Simultaneously pressing [Shift] reverses the direction
[Control-L] [⌃-L] Open latest runlog
- [⌃⌘-F] Toggle Full Screen
- [⌘-,] Open Options
- [⌘-W] Close Testsuite
[Alt-F4] [⌘-Q] Close QF-Test
Tree View
[Up] / [Down] / [Right] / [Left] [↑] / [↓] / [→] / [←] Basic navigation
[Alt-Up] [⌥-↑] Jump to previous sibling of node
[Alt-Down] [⌥-↓] Jump to next sibling of node
[Alt-Right] [⌥-→] Expand node recursively
[Alt-Left] [⌥-←] Collapse node recursively
[Shift-Up] [⇧-↑] Extend selection upwards
[Shift-Down] [⇧-↓] Extend selection downwards
[Control-Up] [⌃-↑] Move upwards without affecting selection
[Control-Down] [⌃-↓] Move downwards without affecting selection
[Control-Right] [⌃-→] Scroll tree right
[Control-Left] [⌃-←] Scroll tree left
[Space] [Space] Toggle selection of current node
[Control-Backspace] [⌃-⌫] Jump to last visited node
[Shift-Control-Backspace] [⌃⇧-⌫] Jump to next selected node
[Control-.] [⌃-.] Clean tree
[Alt-Return] [⌥-↩] Bring up node properties window
[Shift-F10] / [Windows context menu key] [⇧-F10] Bring up node popup menu
[F2] [F2] Mark name or QF-Test ID of node in order to rename it
[Shift-Insert] [⌥-↓] Insert new row
[Shift-Return] [⇧-↩] Edit selected row
[Shift-Delete] [⇧-⌦] Delete selected row
[Shift-Control-Up] [⌃⇧-↑] Move selected row up
[Shift-Control-Down] [⌃⇧-↓] Move selected row down
[F2] [F2] Edit selected value
[Return] [↩] Confirm changes
[Escape] [↩] Discard changes
[Shift/Control-Up/Down] [⌃/⇧-↑/↓] Multi selection
[Control-X / C / V] [⌘-X / C / V] Cut / Copy / Paste
Code Editor
[Control-Space] [⌃-Space] Open available QF-Test variables for scripts or
for dedicated nodes open a list of available methods.
[Control-P] [⌃-P] Find procedure definition (for lines which call a procedure)
[Control-T] [⌃-T] Find test definition (for lines which call a test)
[Control-W] [⌃-W] Find component (for lines which refer to a component)
[Alt-Up] [⌃⌘-↑] Move line(s) up
[Alt-Down] [⌃⌘-↓] Move line(s) down
[Shift-Return] [⇧-↩] Insert an empty line after the current line
Multi-line Text Elements
[Control-TAB] [⌃-⇥] Move focus to next attribute
[Shift-Control-TAB] [⌃⇧-⇥] Move focus to previous attribute
[Control-Return] [⌘-↩] Confirm changes
For 'Procedure call' nodes
[Control-P] [⌃-P] Find procedure definition
For nodes with a 'QF-Test component ID' attribute
[Control-W] [⌃-W] Find component
For 'Test call' nodes
[Control-P] [⌃-P] Find called test definition
For 'Dependency reference' nodes
[Control-P] [⌃-P] Find dependency definition
[Control-I] [⌃-I] Open error list dialog
[Control-N] [⌃-N] Find next error
[Sift-Control-N] [⌃⇧-N] Find previous error
[Control-T] [⌃-T] Find node in test-suite
[Control-W] [⌃-W] Find next warning
[Shift-Control-W] [⌃⇧-W] Find previous warning
- [⌘-W] Close run-log
Advanced Editing
[Control-A] [⌃-A] Inserting a procedure call
[Control-D] [⌃-D] Add selected node to bookmarks
[Shift-Control-D] [⌃⇧-D] Toggle disabled state of selected nodes
[Control-I] [⌃-I] Find references of node
Available for components, tests, dependencies and procedures
[Shift-Control-I] [⌃⇧-I] Pack selected nodes into if-sequence
[Shift-Control-P] [⌃⇧-P] Transform selected nodes into procedure
Available only valid for sequence and similar nodes
[Shift-Control-S] [⌃⇧-S] Pack selected nodes into sequence
[Shift-Control-T] [⌃⇧-T] Pack selected nodes into test-step
[Shift-Control-Y] [⌃⇧-Y] Pack selected nodes into try/catch
Table C.1:  Shortcuts for navigation and editing
Record and replay functions

The following table contains important shortcuts for record and replay functions, which partly work also outside of QF-Test, i.e. directly in the SUT:

Windows/Linux macOS Function
[Return] [↩] Play (execute current node)
[F9] [F9] Pause
[Alt-F12] (configurable) [⌥-F12] (configurable) Pause testrun (Don't Panic)
[F11] (configurable) [F11] (configurable) Toggle "Record mode"
Record Checks
[F12] (configurable) [F12] (configurable) Toggle "Check mode"
[Left Mouse Button] [Primary Click] Record default check
[Right Mouse Button] [Secondary Click] Show list with available checks
Record Components
[Shift-F11] (configurable) [⇧-F11] (configurable) Toggle "Record single component mode"
[Control-V] [⌘-V] Paste recorded QF-Test component ID from clipboard
[Control-Backspace] [⌃-⌫] Jump to last recorded component
[Control-F11] (configurable) [⌃-F11] (configurable) Toggle "Record multiple components mode"
Record Procedures
[Shift-F12] (configurable) [⇧-F12] (configurable) Toggle "Record procedures mode"
[Control-F12] (configurable) [⌃-F12] (configurable) Toggle "Record multiple procedures mode"
[F7] [F7] Step in
[F8] [F8] Step over
[Control-F7] [⌃-F7] Step out
[Shift-F9] [⇧-F9] Skip over
[Control-F9] [⌃-F9] Skip out
[Control-F8] [⇧⌘-B] Breakpoint on/off
[Control-J] [⌃-J] Jump to run-log
[Control-,] [⌃-,] Continue execution from currently selected node
Table C.2:  Shortcuts for special record and replay functions
Keyboard helper

The following graphic may help to easily remember the assignment of functional keys used by QF-Test. It is intended to be printed, cut out and fixed above the area of functional keys F5 to F12 of your keyboard.

Keyboard helper
Figure C.1:  Keyboard helper

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