Usage of QF-Test in Docker Environments

What is Docker?

Docker is a free virtualization software that makes it very easy to install and run arbitrary applications on physical computers or in the cloud.

Docker was originally developed for the Linux operating system. Docker is now also available for other platforms, including Microsoft Windows and macOS. The virtualization software also runs on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Unlike virtual machines, Docker containers are much more resource-efficient, as they do not require the installation of a guest operating system.

QF-Test Docker Images

Since QF-Test version 6.0.3 official Docker images have been available, which allow to virtualize QF-Test relatively easy. To enable different application scenarios, there are currently 4 different Docker images per QF-Test version on Docker Hub. The exact details and application possibilities for those individual images are also described there.

There is an image with and without preinstalled web browser especially for web tests as well as a variant with or without additional VNC server, which allows the visual control of the test execution as well as possibly necessary debugging of tests.

The provided images only serve as a basis for your own application scenarios and can be extended accordingly by using them as a base image in a Dockerfile.

In February 2023, a special webinar took place about using Docker with QF-Test. After a bit of theory the detailed steps of using the QF-Test images from Docker Hub.

Video Here you can find the special webinar video recording available on our QF-Test YouTube Channel.