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[QF-Test] Features list

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Features list
  • From: Erik Macisevskij <erik.macisevskij@?.com>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:32:19 +0100

Dear QF-Test Support,

We are currently testing an application with multiple components of the same class displayed on each screen. We are trying to avoid indexing as much as possible and looking forward to use 'feature' option where possible. Unfortunately we could only find a high level insight on 'feature' functionality in (30.12.3) and (36.2) chapters of the User manual and there was not much explanation on how you actually find 'features' of your components and their values or mechanics/algorithm behind this functionality. We have tried using internal methods and their return values, but it did not work well.

Many thanks in advance,
Erik Macisevskij