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[QF-Test] An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.

  • Subject: [QF-Test] An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.
  • From: Priyanka Joseph <jopriyanka27@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 17:42:36 +0530

When I log in to my application(SUT) in QF Test for the first time, I receive the following error, in an Error Window pop up.

An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.

This is not a bug in QF-Test, rather the opposite: Herewith QF-Test informs you about a potentially very serious problem in your application.
 Please notify the developers of the application and include the event and stack-trace information provided below.

Details for developers:  

Event: java.awt.event.ContainerEvent[COMPONENT_REMOVED,child=null] on javax.swing.CellRendererPane[,0,0,0x0,hidden]  

Stack-trace: java.lang.Exception: Stack dump 
   at de.qfs.lib.util.Misc.getCurrentStackTrace(Misc.java:934)
   at de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.awt.ae.a(SourceFile:2356)
   at de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.awt.ae.componentRemoved(SourceFile:1574)
   at java.awt.Container.processContainerEvent(Unknown Source
 at javax.swing.AbstractListModel.fireContentsChanged(Unknown Source) 
at javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem(Unknown Source)
  at javax.swing.JComboBox.setSelectedItem(Unknown Source)
  at LoginApplet.initialize(LoginApplet.java:289)
 at LoginApplet.<init>(LoginApplet.java:105)
  at LoginApplet.main(LoginApplet.java:93)

When the wimdow is closed, and logged in for the second time, the error does not occur. Please help.