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[QF-Test] QF-Test version 3.4.4 released

  • Subject: [QF-Test] QF-Test version 3.4.4 released
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 16:03:15 +0100

Hi everyone,

for the benefit of users that don't receive our newsletter we decided
to to announce new QF-Test releases on this mailing list also, but
limited to the technical details.

My apologies if you receive this information twice.

Should you be interested in subscribing to the full newsletter please
send an informal email with subject "Subscribe Newsletter" to

QF-Test version 3.4.4 is available for download from


This version mainly adds support for the new Firefox version 10 and
the new Eclipse/SWT versions 3.8M5 as well as experimental support for
Eclipse/SWT 4.2M5. It also fixes a potentially serious RMI problem
introduced with QF-Test 3.4.3.

All users with a valid license for QF-Test 3.4 can upgrade directly to
QF-Test version 3.4.4.

New features:

* Support was added for current versions of Firefox 9 and 10.

* Eclipse/SWT support was added for Eclipse version 3.8M5 and
  experimental support for Eclipse version 4.2M5.

* New checks were introduced for SWT Decorations, small icons
  typically shown next to a text field. You can now check the
  visibility, icon and tool tip of a decoration.

* Iteration ranges can now also be used when setting up data at script
  level via the databinder module or by calling one of the
  'Procedures' qfs.databinder.bindList or qfs.databinder.bindSet in
  the standard library qfs.qft.

* The thumbnail images shown for screenshots in the HTML report are
  now of higher quality.

Bugs fixed:

* A small change in QF-Test version 3.4.3 regarding the RMI
  communication between QF-Test and the SUT was undone because of
  possible side-effects when the SUT was using RMI itself.

* When using 'Check image' nodes with an advanced algorithm and a
  timeout QF-Test always used up the full timeout even when the image
  matched immediately.

* When a 'Check' node with a timeout fails, QF-Test used to show the
  initial state of the target component in the run-log. Now it shows
  the state at the end of the timeout period instead.

* When using Drag&Drop to move nodes within QF-Test the tree could
  jump erratically in some cases.

* Trying to remove the same node twice from a search result dialog
  could lead to an exception.

* In the standard test-suite library qfs.qft the 'Procedure'
  qfs.shellutils.touch now correctly updates the timestamp for
  existing files and the 'Procedure' qfs.autowin.getURLFromIE now also
  works with Internet Explorer version 6.

* When recording a mouse click on an SWT ToolItem that opens a drop
  down menu QF-Test now records the coordinates so the event can
  replay correctly.

* If an alert dialog was shown after closing a modal browser window,
  the main browser window could remain blocked after closing the

* Javascript errors in Internet Explorer were not logged correctly in
  QF-Test's run-log.

* In some cases the initial loading of a web page did not succeed.

* Highlighting the selected component in a browser on Linux has been

* Web pages with a Flash element were sometimes not displayed
  correctly on Linux.

* The name recorded for file upload on Linux contained the Windows
  file separator character '\'

* There were problems with the browser startup on special Windows
  versions if QF-Test was installed below a directory with blanks in
  its name, e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)"

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