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Re: [qftestJUI] Proper use of setname

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] Proper use of setname
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: 28 Jun 2006 16:10:55 +0200

Hello Mark,

I mostly agree with Mark's (Michaelis :-) answer.

Unless I'm overlooking something the reflection approach will only
work top-down if parent components have member variables holding their
child components. This is not always the case, so it's unreliable. I
don't think member names are prone to change very often, so I'd
consider it a reasonable approach, otherwise.

The way I tend to work is adding names as I write the code. For every
GUI component I ask myself: Is the user going to (significantly)
interact with this component. So buttons, menus, text fields, tables,
trees etc. always get a name. Labels should get a name if you want to
check them. Toplevel windows also should have a name. Panels, scroll
panes and other auxiliary stuff not, unless they represent a major
sub-component of the GUI.

>From my experience with other customers, developers can easily make
such decisions once the reason for needing setName has been explained
to them. Then, all you need is a reasonable convention for the names
to set.

The pragmatic approach usually works best. Set names early in
development where it's obvious that you're going to need them. When
testers discover missing names or non-unique names, fix them as soon
as possible, otherwise don't touch them ever again :-)

Best regards,

"Mark Spielman" <Mark.Spielman@?.com> writes:

>    Our organization is beginning to use qftestJUI to test two of our GUI
>    applications.  However I am finding it hard to understand when, where
>    and how to appropriately use setname to make our lives easier?  We
>    currently do not have extensive use of setname in either of our two
>    products.  We have tried two approaches and both seem to work but are
>    not necessarily ideal.  We are only in the early stages of test
>    development.  What I was wondering is if there are general guidelines
>    we can use to determine how to properly use setname to make our lives
>    easier.  I've read the manual and am searching for slightly more
>    detail, something along the lines of a best practices technical note
>    or something?
>    The two approaches we've tried are:
>      * Using java reflection to determine component names based on the
>        coded variable names of the different components. In this case all
>        components have names.  Here there's a potential for a component
>        to change names if ever a developer refactors the code.
>      * Manually adding names to components as we discover difficulties in
>        qftestJUI test implementation.  Components are named as needed but
>        development of tests seems very slow.
>    What I'm wondering is if you were going to start a project from
>    scratch, what is the ideal way to use setname to make testing and test
>    development most efficient.
>    Thanks
>    Mark
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>    Mark Spielman
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