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Re: [qftestJUI] Re: Unrecognized Client Problem!

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] Re: Unrecognized Client Problem!
  • From: RHo@?.com
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 10:11:14 -0400

Hi Greg,

Yes I did reinstalled the JRE, but I reinstalled it to the same location. How would that make the component unrecognizable? My client starts up fine in the first step "Start SUT Client", and then I just got hung on the "Wait for client to connect" step, it doesn't recognize that my client has already finished loading. Here is the log. It would be great if  I can have this issue resolved soon because we cannot go further with the testing. Thanks for your help.

Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
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05/22/2006 07:30 PM

[qftestJUI] Re: Unrecognized Client Problem!


perhaps you reinstalled the JRE? Please make sure that the JRE
is instrumented.

If you're sure that instrumentation is fine, please send me the file
qfconnect.log from the ...\qftest\log directory after starting the

Best regards,

RHo@?.com writes:

>    Our application uses webstart to start, today I tried to run the test
>    scripts that I developed earlier with now it doesn't recognize the
>    Client (SUT) right after the "Start SUT client" step, any idea?
>    The "Wait for client to connect" step times out.
>    [cid:_1_069DE420069DE1A8007AC6D585257176]
>    [cid:_1_069DDE6C069DDC44007AC6D585257176]

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