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[qftestJUI] How to stop process?

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] How to stop process?
  • From: "Joe Greene" <joe.greene@?.com>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 10:07:01 -0600

Dear QFS,


I am using the Start Process element to begin a JBoss server session. The Stop Client element does not kill the started JBoss process.

See below what I am trying to do.  Is there another element that will stop the process?


I can see the STDOUT from the process in the qfs Terminal pane. How do I submit to this process STDIN?

When I run this process native [not wrapped by qfstestJUI], I stop the process at the command line with a cntl^C command.


Also, is there a method for scanning into the STDOUT for specific text? I’d like to know when the JBoss process has completed its’ boot.





Joe Greene

Premier Data Services

Quality Assurance/Customer Support