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[qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal
  • From: Bastian Bowe <Bastian.Bowe@?.de>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:24:19 +0200


we're using LaunchAnywhere from Zero G for our product distribution
version. How to wait for a string on the console in that case? I've read and i get the
solutions working for output of a Java class, ant builts started from
batchfiles etc.

LaunchAnywhere creates a OurProduct.exe. The .exe uses a OurProduct.lax
file to setup classpath and starts the (in qftest instrumented) JRE.
Output to console is displayed on the qftest terminal area. Finding the
outputstring fails.

How to find output strings in that case?

Kind regards