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Re: [qftestJUI] Selecting a Table cell with specific content

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] Selecting a Table cell with specific content
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 17:32:01 -0000

Hello Ringo,

that can be done using sub-item syntax. If tid is the qftestJUI id of
the table, tid@Fname@Ringo will select that cell.

There are many variants for sub-itmems and methods to access them.

Please see manual chapter 7 and tutorial chapter 9 for details.

Best regards,

"Dressler, Ringo (EXTERN: HAYS)" <extern.ringo.dressler@?.de> writes:

>    Hi @ All,
>    Is there anybody out there with an solution for my problem?
>    I will select a row with given cell-content f.i. a table with 2
>    columns "Fname" and "Lname" and I have to select the row with Fname =
>    "Ringo".
>    b.r. and many thanks!
>    Ringo

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