Intuitive test automation

With QF-Test you can find bugs in your application and improve the quality of your software. In the short term as well as in the long term - Quality First!

QF-Test Testsuite
QF-Test Testsuite in dark mode
QF-Test Testsuite in light mode
QF-Test Test automation Welcome screen in dark mode
QF-Test Test automation Welcome screen
QF-Test Report
Supported QF-Test technologies: Java, Web, Windows

The supported technologies

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  • Any Java application (Java Swing, SWT/Eclipse, JavaFX) cross-platform on Windows, Linux and macOS
  • HTML 5, AJAX Web applications cross-browser and headless with CDP connection mode and web driver

More than 1,400 customers appreciate QF‑Test!

QF-Test worldwide
Testing worldwide

Over 8,500 QF-Test licenses in more than 1,400 companies and 60 countries in use.

QF-Test Joy of testing
Joy of testing

QF-Test tests itself every night with more than 20.000 test cases.

20 years of QF-Test
Established tool

QF-Test has been refined for 20 years and is in the market since 2001.

QF-Test made in Germany
Quality First Software

Quality made in Germany -  excellent support in English

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We are specialists for UI testing.

Automate your Web,  Java, Windows and Android tests!
Our tool and support team look forward to hearing from you.

Quick start for everyone

Get first test results fast with the Quickstart wizard that recognizes your application's technology automatically and if required, we provide support.

Tool for QA engineers and developers

QF-Test is user-friendly and easy to use for users without programming knowledge.
Users with developer background get their money's worth with scripting.

Everything you need for successful GUI test automation!

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Reliable object identification

QF-Test stands for robust component recognition & infrequent maintenance.

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Daily regression tests

Monitoring of the test results for documented good software quality & a good feeling.

QF-Test integrations
Flexible integrations

Common tools like Jira, Jenkins, databases, Git can be linked with QF-Test.

Report pie chart Icon
Customizable reports

Individualizable test reports for your needs as html or xml report.

What clients say about QF‑Test and our support team!

"QFT makes it easy to automate the tests. A lot of things have been taken care in the backend to make the user’s life comfortable."

Shivam Trehan, Software Test Specialist

Ravensburg, Germany

"QF-Test is the best automated GUI testing tool and has the best support team I ever saw."

Huawei Luo

Tibco Software Inc., USA

"We are very happy and look forward to further automation projects with QF‑Test."

Jörg Riebschläger, Test responsible

KOLUMBUS, innovas GmbH, Germany

"With QF-Test even colleagues without programming knowledge can create GUI tests."

Alexander Orbach


Direct contact is very important to us!

Just contact us whenever questions occur:
via email to or phone + 49 8171 38648-10.

QF-Test news

  • This maintenance release adds support for ARM Java on macOS as well as Eclipse / SWT 4.28 alias "2023-06" and fixes a number of bugs.

  • Most noticeable in QF-Test 7.0 is the streamlined UI. On top of that, there is the long-requested, beautiful new dark mode.

    The paradigm shift towards SmartID is now accomplished, thanks to a complete overhaul of the algorithm for determining the best label for a component.

    Testing web applications is greatly improved thanks to an intuitive new way of configuring CustomWebResolvers, complemented by a brand-new visual UI inspector.

  • This maintenance release adds support for Java 20 and Eclipse / SWT 4.27 alias "2023-03", fixes a number of bugs and paves the way for parallel execution of QF-Test versions 6 and 7.