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Take part in our free starter-webinar: We help you doing the first steps with QF-Test, from the start of the application to be tested to an overview of reports and checks. It takes place every Monday at 4 p.m. CET/CEST.

Send an email to, if you're interested and we'll discuss your best possible assistance by our team.

Special webinar

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We offer special webinars regarding popular subjects for refreshment and consoli­dation (Scripting, resolvers, component identification etc.). Our special webinars take place about four times per year.

Upcoming special webinars

Questions on tool
QF-Test 7.0 - these are the highlights you should know!

On Monday, June 19, 2023 at 3:30 PM until about 4:30 PM (CET)

Reserve your seat for the next special webinars which is for free via, the number of seats is limited. You will have the possibility to ask questions at the end.

Recordings of previous special webinars

Docker Container
February 2023 - What's in the box?! - Using QF-Test with Docker containers

Docker containers are a great option for stable and scalable test environments. We will present the out-of-the-box QF-Test Docker image and how to use it for your test automation.

September 2022 - SmartIDs for component recognition

SmartIDs are a paradigm shift in component recognition in QF-Test. Thanks to SmartIDs, the management of GUI components with which a test interacts can be dramatically simplified. In this webinar, we will introduce SmartIDs and demonstrate their many benefits.

Android Icon
May 2022 - Sweet like Nougat, Oreo, and Pie

Testing Android with QF-Test on real devices e.g. from Samsung, LG and Google as well as with the emulator from Android Studio...

Make up Brush
May 2022 - Spring-clean in May

Optimize your test structure and documentation for all stakeholders (colleagues, boss and clients)

Teamwork Icon
Jan. 2022 - Dos and Don'ts when Working with QF-Test as a Team

e.g. Version Management (GIT, SVN), Import, Projects...

Continuous Integration Icon
Sept. 2021 - Continuous Integration Tools on the Example of Jenkins

Everything in flux - Using QF Test with Continuous Integration Tools on the Example of Jenkins...

Web Speed Icon
July 2021 - CDP Driver for Web Performance Gain

CDP Driver connection mode...

Image icon
May 2021 - Image Testing with QF-Test

Pixel picking - Intelligent Image Comparison with QF-Test...

PDF Testing with QF-Test
Jan. 2021 - PDF Testing with QF-Test

Often PDF documents are the final result of a business process that you can check easily with QF-Test, too...

Webswing and QF-Test Java applications into the web
Nov. 2020 - Integrated Testing of Webswing applications with QF-Test

Uniting two worlds - Webswing brings Java into the browser, QF-Test ensures the quality by interacting with both simultaneously...

Component recognition
Sept. 2020 - Component recognition

Find the keys - UI test automation needs robust component recognition...

Scripting Icon
July 2020 - Scripting

Travelling to Treasure Island - recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript...

Variables Icon
March 2020 - Variables

Stay flexible – Master QF-Test variables efficiently: global or local, dynamically generated or out of the application, from a data base or via Excel…

Nov. 2019 - CustomWebResolver

The golden interface to our web application - recognize your web components with the CustomWebResolver...

Puzzle piece and hand icon
May 2019 - Resolvers

Small intervention - big effect: How to write my own resolvers in QF-Test to recognize my components more smartly?

Molecule - Electron
April 2019 - Testing Electron applications (QF-Test Version 4.5)

What's new in QF-Test version 4.5? Mobile Emulation Mode, Testing Electron etc.

brain Icon
Jan. 2019 - Smart pre- and postconditions (depencendies)

It's like magic - Dependencies in QF-Test: Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery

Table Components
Nov. 2018 - Component recognition

Solving the component riddle: How to achieve robust component recognition in QF-Test?

PDF Icon
Jan. 2018 - Testing PDF documents (QF-Test Version 4.2)

QF-Test 4.2: Uniting the best of several worlds – QF-Test and 3rd party tools: PDF Testing, JUNIT, Selenium, SOAP/REST Services, image-based testing etc.

Party horn
Oct. 2016 - WebDriver, Re-run (QF-Test Version 4.1)

WebDriver, Re-run... what benefits are in there for me? Using the new QF-Test 4.1 features to optimize my test automation!

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Technical preconditions

We are using TeamViewerGotoMeeting or Microsoft Teams (no additional costs for you) for screen sharing, but upon request, other software may also be used, provided that interoperation and functionality is confirmed by all parties (a plugin of TeamViewer or GotoMeeting will be installed automatically at your side).
Prior to purchasing and attending a webinar, you need to ensure that technical and organizational preconditions are met. In particular your company's policy must not preclude remote desktop sharing sessions with the webinar software intended to be used and interoperability of the latter with your network infrastructure must be verified.