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Plamen Veselinov, QF-Test support

Look over our shoulders while we are explaining QF-Test for software testing.

Plamen Veselinov,
Sr. Software Engineer, QFS

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I think your videos are fantastic and you can learn a lot from them even if you use the product on a daily basis.

Glenn Chambers,
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Rocket Software, Netherlands

Videos about the testing tool QF‑Test

All videos are subtitled. Just activate it in youtube and read instead of listening.


Special subject: Web testing

This video shows you how QF-Test deals with web software testing:

Dealing with the explosion of complexity in web test automation

QF-Test Version 4.2

See our latest QF-Test video with the new features from version 4.2:

Java 9, PDF Testing, REST, Angular, Smart GWT and further great features.

QF-Test Version 4.1

See our latest QF-Test video with the new features from version 4.1:

More browsers via WebDriver, macOS support and further great features.

Recommendable video for testers

Petra Bouskova, at the SeleniumConf in Berlin in October 2017, says what testers think: 

Build a Successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester

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