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Getting started Videos

Filmed Tutorial

Java GUI Testing

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Web UI testing

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Special Webinar

YouTube Special webinar Component recognition

The latest special webinar video: Solving the component riddle: How to achieve robust component recognition in QF-Test?

Here is further information about our free special webinars.

Special subjects

Web testing: Reducing complexity

YouTube Dealing with complexity in Web testing

This video shows you how QF-Test deals with web software testing:

Dealing with the explosion of complexity in web test automation

Selenium vs. QF-Test

This special video shows the differences between QF-Test and Selenium

Selenium vs. QF-Test: Comparison of two testing tools

More about Web Testing

Testing PDF Documents with QF-Test

YouTube Testing PDF Documents

This special video shows you how to test PDF documents with every developer license:

Testing PDF documents (Manual)

QF-Test Eclipse PlugIn

YouTube QF-Test Eclipse Plugin

This special video shows you, how to work with the QF-Test Eclipse plug-in:

QF-Test Eclipse Plug-in (Manual)

QF-Test Jenkins PlugIn

YouTube QF-Test Jenkins Plugin

This special video shows you the installation and the basic configuration of the QF-Test Jenkins plug-in:

Jenkins Plug-in (Manual)

New in QF-Test

QF-Test Version 4.5

YouTube What's new in QF-Test 4.5?
  • Support for Electron applications
  • Mobile Emulation in Quickstart Wizard with support for new devices
  • SWT without instrumentation
  • Support for Java 12

QF-Test and NeoLoad - perfect team for Web load testing

Recommendable video for testers

YouTube Build a successfull team: Motivate your Software Tester

Petra Bouskova, at the SeleniumConf in Berlin in October 2017, says what testers think: 

Build a Successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester