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Karlheinz Kellerer, QFS Director

We are a rock solid German company with quick response times and reasonable prices.

Karlheinz Kellerer,
QFS Director

Just call the Sales team: +49 8171/ 386 48-0

Alternative to an email - just call us. 

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Prices for licenses & maintenance

With QFS, you just pay what you need whether it's a license or service.

Available GUI-technologies: Swing, JavaFX, SWT, Web and all combinations.**

Product Base price*
Developer license (Test creation and execution): One GUI-technology included.

1,995 €

GUI-technology extensions: Purchase now or later on demand.

500 €

Maintenance (obligatory for initial license purchase): All Upgrades + support for 1 year with one GUI-technology.

480 €

Runtime license (Test execution): Substantial volume discounts for load testing.

995 €

Discount is possible when you buy more than one license or GUI-technology or later additional purchase.

QF-Test product description and license models, our terms & conditions apply for the purchase.

  • Floating within a network, independent from computer or person
  • Developer and/or runtime version, 1-4 GUIs - just buy what you really need
  • Discounts in case of purchase of several licenses/technologies or later additional purchase 
  • Licenses without time limitation
  • Leasing possible (multiple networks require a license server) - taken into account for later purchase
  • License server on request, minimizes the amount of redundant licenses in separate networks
  • Free trial of the fully functional evaluation version with support
  • Reduction from 50 up to 100 % for academic or open source projects

You can follow e.g. this link to the Yahoo! Currency Converter to see how much it will be in your currency.

Prices for Training & Consulting and Webinars & Reviews can be found on the detail pages. 

*Prices in Euro, excl. VAT and subject to change without notice.

**Have you already known, that you can see in the QF-Test terminal (the lower section of the GUI) upon connecting to the SUT, which technologies/engines (Swing, JavaFX, SWT, Web) are needed for your application (since Version 4.0.0) Alternatively you can contact our Sales team: +49 8171 38648-10 or sales@remove-this.qfs.de.

QF-Test supports Java Swing, Fx, SWT and Web

QF-Test License Types and Models

All QF-Test licenses are floating and entitle you to run independently of the machine it is running on or the person operating it (within one network). We provide a license server (by a software solution) for companies with several networks and/or sites and the need of global floating.

Validity of the licenses

All licenses of QF-Test, development and runtime licenses, also academic and open source licences are perpetual which means permanently valid. Solely leasing licences have a time limit.

Developer license

A development license allows unrestricted use of the full functionality of QF-Test, e.g. development and saving of test suites as well as runtime features like test execution and debugging.

Runtime license

Saving of test-suites is not possible. Runtime licenses allow execution and debugging of tests as well as temporary modifications of test-suites. Runtime licenses are especially useful for individual test runs, nightly batch runs or load testing with multiple concurrent virtual users.

Alternative license models

License leasing

For tight budgets or if you need a larger amount of runtime licenses for load tests leasing of QF-Test licenses might be an attractive alternative. Costs for leasing can be credited against a later license purchase.

Academic licenses

For use in academic research projects and for teaching, QF-Test licenses are available at a reduced price.

Open source project licenses

We are supporting open source projects by offering long-term evaluation licenses which are freely extendable.

Calculation examples

1 developer license for JavaFx (QF-Test/fx) including one year maintenance
⇒ 1,995 € + 480 € = 2,475 €

1 developer license for Java Swing and JavaFX (QF-Test/swing+fx) including one year maintenance 
⇒ 2,495 € + 600 € = 3,095 €

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