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QF-Test Pricing

Our credo: You just buy, what you really need!

Developer license

The developer license allows implementation, analysis and automated execution of tests with QF-Test.

  • Test development
  • Test execution
  • Debugging of test-suites

Runtime license

The runtime license allows test runs, nightly batch runs and load testing.

  • No test development
  • Test execution
  • Debugging of test-suites


Base price

Developer license (permanent, floating)
incl. 1 GUI-technology*

1.995 €

+ 1 further GUI-technology*

500 €

Maintenance incl. all Upgrades + Support

from 480 €

Base price

Runtime license (permanent, floating)
incl. 1 GUI-technology*

995 €

+ 1 further GUI-technology*

250 €

Maintenance incl. all Upgrades + Support

from 145 €

Subscription licensing

1 year

Base price

Developer license (floating)
inkl. 1 GUI-technology* and maintenance

1.050 €

+ 1 further GUI-technology* (incl. maintenance)

250 €

1 year

Base price

Runtime license (floating)
incl. 1 GUI-technology* and maintenance

450 €

+ 1 further GUI-technology* (incl. maintenance)

110 €

Prices in Euro, excl. VAT and subject to change without notice. We offer our products and services for companies only - B2B.

Frequently asked questions when purchasing QF‑Test

    • * Which GUI technology/technologies do I need to test my application? Java Swing, SWT, JavaFX, Web?

      QF-Test licenses can be purchased specifically for the GUI technologies actually needed. In order to determine the GUI technologies for your application, open your test-suite(s) and run all your client(s) via QF-Test. After having executed your tests, please open the 'Clients' menu. There you can see the GUI technologies used in [] brackets. In the example there are two clients running using [Swing] and [Web]; all combinations out of [Swing], [Swt], [FX] and [Web] are possible.
      Alternatively contact our Sales team: +49 8171 38648-10 or
Client: GUI Technologien
    • When do I need a developer and when a runtime license?

      With a developer license you can create tests and during the time you don’t develop new tests, you can use the license for test execution.
      With a runtime license you can execute tests (also remote and via command lince in bacht mode) and you can e.g. do a “fast debugging”, even short-term changings that just cannot be saved, since the runtime license is meant for executing tests.
    • What is included in the maintenance contract?

      When purchasing the maintenance contact you have access to our professional support team and all new versions of our software. Your license knows your maintenance period and permits you using the latest software version downloaded from our homepage.
    • What is the difference between purchase and subscription licensing?

      Purchase: You purchse the licenses (permantn) once and only renew the maintenance contract yearly.
      Subscription licensing: You subscribe for the required period. This price include software maintenance and support.
    • Can I run remote tests?

      Yes of course. You can run several automated tests in different environments and platforms remotely.
    • When do I need a license server?

      You need a license server when you want to use your floating licenses across multiple sites or in restricted networks.
      QF-Test handles multi user license management for local networks by itself, provided that IP multicast works.
      Further general information can be found in the product description and technical details in the license server manual.
    • I have an actual maintenance contract and a license file with an older version, can I easily use the latest QF-Test version? QF-Test version vs. license: What is the difference?

      The version number of your license file (license) just shows on which version QF-Test was when you renewed your maintenance contract and this is independent from the QF-Test version you have in use. You may and can download all QF-Test versions within your maintenance period.

Further license options

License server

For companies with several networks and/or sites and the need of global floating we provide a license server (via software solution). This leads to a minimization of the amount of redundant licenses in separate networks and therefore saves money. You buy the license server just for the time zones you need: APAC (Asia), EMEA (Europe & Africa) and AMERICAS (North & South America).

Further general information can be found in the product description and technical details in the license server manual.

Academic licenses

For use in academic research projects and for teaching, QF-Test licenses are available at a reduced price. We gladly support your academic papers with a free trial license and we are happy to read your paper afterwards and maybe publish it on our website.

Non profit projects

We are supporting non profit projects by offering long-term trial licenses which are freely extendable. We highly appreciate your new user experience when using QF-Test for free like with all trial licenses. Then we have more feedback for our further development of QF-Test.

Prices Training & Consulting

We recommend: Start working with QF-Test with a training!

Face to Face

via Webinar

Standardtraining1,595.00 €/person for 3 Tage à 8 hours in Germany 900.00 €/ person for 4 days à 3 hours
Company training individual offer
depending on distance, number of days and participants
individual offer
depending on distance, number of participants
e.g. Project start
Projekt accompaniment
Test review
individual offer
depending on distance, number of days and participants
150.00 €/hour
Special webinar --- free, topics see here.