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Karlheinz Kellerer, QFS Director

We are a rock solid German company with quick response times and reasonable prices.

Karlheinz Kellerer,
QFS Director

Just call the Sales team: +49 8171/ 386 48-0

Alternative to an email - just call us. 

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Prices for licenses & maintenance

With QFS, you just pay what you need whether it's a license or service.

Available GUI-technologies: Swing, JavaFX, SWT, Web and all combinations.**


Base price*

Floating Developer license (Test creation and execution):One GUI-technology included.
Licenses are permanently valid.

1,995 €

GUI-technology add-on for developer license: Purchase now or later on demand.

500 €

Floating Runtime license (Test execution): One GUI‑technology included.
Licenses are permanently valid. Substantial volume discounts for load testing.

995 €

GUI-technology add-on for runtime license: Purchase now or later on demand.

250 €

Maintenance (obligatory for initial license purchase and for 1 year): All upgrades + support

from 480 €

Our recommendation for an effective start (see also box on the right) :
Plan training, consulting for starting test automation.



"The respondents see the biggest challenges in integrating the automation tools..." as the leading German computer magazine interprets the World Quality Report 2017-18.

*Prices in Euro, excl. VAT and subject to change without notice.

** If you don't know exactely, which of the four GUI technologies (Swing, SWT, JavaFX, Web) you need to buy, take a look at the explanation in the FAQ here to find it out directly in QF-Test.
Alternatively you can contact our Sales team: +49 8171 38648-10 or sales@remove-this.qfs.de.

Discount is possible when you buy more than one license or GUI-technology or later additional purchase.


You can follow e.g. the link to this Currency Converter to see how much it will be in your currency.

QF-Test licenses

QF-Test supports Java Swing, Fx, SWT and Web
  • Floating within a network, independent from computer or person
  • Licenses permanently valid
  • 1 to 4 GUIs (Java Swing, SWT, JavaFX, Web) - just buy, what you really need!

Developer license

  • Saving,
  • Development,
  • Execution and
  • Debugging of the test-suites

A development license allows unrestricted use of the full functionality of QF-Test for the GUI technologies bought, e.g. development and saving of test suites as well as runtime features like test execution and debugging.

Runtime license

  • No saving,
  • Development (just for temporary modifications),
  • Execution,
  • Debugging of test-suites

A runtime license at a cheaper price allows the restricted use of the full functionality of QF-Test for the GUI technologies bought.
Runtime licenses are especially useful for individual test runs, nightly batch runs or load testing with multiple concurrent virtual users.

License server

We provide a license server (by a software solution) for companies with several networks and/or sites and the need of global floating thsi leads to a minimization of the amount of redundant licenses in separate networks and saves money.

Alternative license models

License leasing

For tight budgets or if you need a larger amount of runtime licenses for load tests leasing of QF-Test licenses might be an attractive alternative. Costs for leasing can be credited against a later license purchase.

Academic licenses

For use in academic research projects and for teaching, QF-Test licenses are available at a reduced price.

Open source projects

We are supporting open source projects by offering long-term trial licenses which are freely extendable.

Calculation examples

Number of licenses and technologiesMaintenance for one yearTotal costs
1 developer license with one technology JavaFx (QF-Test/fx): 1,995 €+ 480 €= 2,495 €
1 developer license with two technologies Java Swing and JavaFX (QF-Test/swing+fx): 2,495 €+ 600 €= 3,095 €

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