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Florian Syska, QF-Test development & support

QF-Test is 
independent from tools 
or environments.

Florian Syska,
Sr. Software Engineer, QFS

Dr. Pascal Bihler, QF-Test development and support

To use QF-Test programming knowledge is not necessarily needed.

Dr. Pascal Bihler, 
Sr. Software Engineer, QFS

Check list requirements on GUI-test tools

The checklist below provides an overview of QF-Test features and facts. It is intended to assist you when verifying your requirements and comparing QF-Test with other testing tools.

The check list is available also as Excel file which allows editing via PC and as PDF.

Independent comparisons and reports can be found at testimonialsevaluation reports and case studies

Check list requirements of GUI test tools for Java and/or Web
Compare QF-Test with other testing tools (A click on the picture opens the Excel file.)