QF-Test version 4.3
Version 4.3.2 - September 11, 2018

Bugs fixed:

  • Raising windows on Linux systems now works more reliably.
  • If an 'Server HTTP request' node for a POST request contains parameters encoded directly in the URL, QF-Test now keeps the URL unchanged instead of moving those parameters into the body.
  • Web Deleting cookies after the browser window was opened now works in WebDriver mode too.
  • Web With Internet Explorer replay of a 'Text input' node with very long text did not work reliably.
Version 4.3.1 - August 28, 2018

New features:

  • Web The embedded Selenium WebDriver framework was updated to version 3.14.0 and ChromeDriver to version 2.41 (with support up to Chrome version 69).
  • The PDF client can now detect images with a shear mapping.

Bugs fixed:

  • The calculation of the extra feature qfs:imagehash was broken for images with an alpha channel.
  • SWT With QF-Test version 4.3.0 tests for 32bit Eclipse/SWT version 4.5 did not work on Linux.
  • When a filter was in effect for the project tree view and a test suite that was currently not shown in that tree got modified, display of the project tree could get corrupted.
Faster release cycle

We want to bring new features and bug fixes to you faster. Starting with QF-Test 4.3, a medium upgrade will be released whenever one or more relevant features are fully implemented and minor updates are going to focus on bug-fixes and small improvements. Our continuous self-tests have long since helped to maintain the continued stability of QF-Test and now the required conditions have been put into place:

New license format - all inclusive during maintenance period

The QF-Test maintenance contract has always included free medium or major upgrades within the maintenance period. However, a license update had to be requested and rolled out to all test and development machines with QF-Test installations in order to activate the new version.

With the new license file - which has to be explicitly requested for QF-Test 4.3 one more time - this extra effort will be dispensed with: The maintenance period is now encoded in the license file to allow using all new medium and major versions that are released within that period as well as the associated minor updates. When extending the maintenance contract in the future you will automatically receive a new license, valid for the extended maintenance period.

To further simplify upgrading licenses for many QF-Test installations it may be convenient to install a dedicated QF-Test license server for your network. Our sales team will gladly provide further information.

Newsletter for medium upgrades only
To prevent flooding you with emails about the more frequent updates, only medium and of course major upgrades with new functionality and features are going be announced via newsletter. If you would like to stay informed about minor updates you can subscribe to the QF-Test mailing list or our RSS-feed or activate the new automatic check for QF-Test updates described below.
Automatic check for QF-Test updates
When online, QF-Test can now check for updates automatically. You can configure this service according to your needs, for example to check only for specific kinds of updates or to deactivate it entirely.
Version 4.3.0 - July 26, 2018

New features:

  • Testing of Java 11 based SUTs is now supported.
  • SWT Support was added for Eclipse/SWT version 4.8 "Photon".
  • SWT On Linux QF-Test now supports testing Eclipse/SWT applications in GTK3 mode (SWT version 4.6 and higher).
  • A new demo suite was added that shows how to test REST services. It is accompanied by the new manual chapter 20.
  • With the new option Create screenshots of all client windows upon error it is now possible to always capture images of all windows of all connected SUTs regardless of where an exception or error occurred.
  • SWT The new procedure qfs.swt.tree.expandCompleteTree in the standard library qfs.qft can be used to expand all nodes in an SWT tree.

Bugs fixed:

  • The default viewer for opening PDF documents on Linux was changed from acroread to xdg-open.
  • The PDF client now handles XObjects even if they use a Type0 font without embedded CMap. The only exception are text checks which are not possible without a CMap.
  • The wording of error messages from rc.checkEqual calls has been improved.
  • The encoding of some German characters in scripts in the qfs.qft standard library has been fixed.
  • SWT Check highlight frames for SWT applications on Windows were drawn with an offset leaving visual clutter in case a window's size was reduced so far that the menu bar was broken into two lines.