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A special kind of wedding celebration

Who got married? Munich-based mgm technology partners GmbH (mgm) and QFS are now now embarking on a joint journey. As of September 1, 2022, QFS is a fully owned subsidiary of the mgm Group.

On August 25, 2022, in bright sunshine, the management of mgm came to meet the QFS teams from Leipzig and the Oberland in person at their office in Geretsried/Gelting - Hamarz Mehmanesh and Steffen Weber from mgm even traveled by bicycle!

"A new time begins at QFS" says Karlheinz Kellerer, and a new clock was installed in the office by the two QFS managing directors Gregor Schmid and Karlheinz Kellerer under the eyes of the mgm management. Hamarz Mehmanesh and Steffen Weber then gave a vivid tour of the world of mgm with many concrete examples from mgm's everyday work and the cooperation between the international teams.

In addition to the joint IT projects focused on quality and sustainability (A12, Elster), Karlheinz Kellerer highlighted the fondness for sweets between mgm - here from left to right Hartwig Schneider, Steffen Weber and Hamarz Mehmanesh - and QFS. With curiosity thus sparked, everyone was excited about the reveal of the contents of the "black box" on the table: a wedding cake for the company “wedding”.

At the conclusion of our beer garden visit together, the new colleagues already merged together effortlessly for the group photo.

20 Years of QFS – A fun-filled adventure

15.–17.07.2022, Bad Kötzting: To celebrate the company's anniversary, our employees and their families met in July 2022 for a big summer party at the Adventure Camp in the Bavarian Forest.

There we filled a weekend with all kinds of sporting adventures such as the "Flying Fox", river tubing, climbing, archery, canoe paddling, and more.

Finally, we were able to celebrate the anniversary with cake. Together we reminisced about what we had achieved and looked to the future relaxedly - not least thanks to self-made "Quali tea".

Great Place to work (GPtW) - tastes good!

2022-05-25, Geretsried: Finally celebrating, working and bowling live together (ok, the order and priorities may choose everyone differently)! The Leipzig and Geretsried teams were able to do this at the end of May 2022 - after two years of home office during the Covid-19 period. At the made-up celebration for the repeated award of QFS, a Geretsried neighbor brought over two GPtW cakes especially. She had read the newspaper article about the GPtW award and wanted to express her appreciation in this way. Some other treats were also found.

At QFS, fun is not neglected outside the office, and a bowling evening rounded off the reunion in the most amusing way.

Fair "meineAusbildung!" ("myApprenticeship!") on 2022-04-27 in Bad Tölz

This was the announcement for the career fair:

Then visit us on April 27, 2022 in Bad Tölz in the ice stadium (don't worry, no more ice rink) at booth 6.
From internships to working students to dual studies (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) you can do everything with us.

We are not just any IT company, but a multi-award winning company from Geretsried with a very special corporate culture. Check out whether it suits you... and practice in advance on the foosball table for an "interview" at the trade fair.

After successfully getting to know IT junior staff at the 2019 fair in Wolfratshausen, QFS is going "fishing" in Bad Tölz this year.

JavaLand 2022

2022-03-17 to 2022-03-15, Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany: This year four of our colleagues participated at . In March of 2022, part of our development team visited the JavaLand conference. Here are some impressions from the event.