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Job fair in Geretsried

For the first time, a job fair initiated by the regional business development agency took place in Geretsried on October 18, 2023. In an uncomplicated manner and without a booth fee, companies were able to present themselves in the hall of the Ratsstuben Geretsried and submit concrete job offers to the job-seeking public. Martina Schmid was in charge of the search for programmers on behalf of QFS and mgm.

mgm technology partners ♡ QFS

One year ago, on September 1, 2022, mgm technology partners and Quality First Software signed a cooperation agreement: a milestone in the history of QFS and the basis for a broad and trustful cooperation between our companies now and in the future. Since 2009, we have been facing technological challenges together but in a "wild marriage", so to speak, and are now in the process of growing together even further and driving our projects forward together.

mgm itself celebrated something even bigger in its 16 locations worldwide: The threshold of 1000 employees has been exceeded since September 2023. CEO and founder Hamarz Mehmanesh: "I'm really proud of what we've achieved together through teamwork and the projects we've taken on. We started small nearly 30 years ago, and while our growth has been steady, the last 20 months have been truly remarkable. I'm genuinely thrilled."

QFS Summer party 2023

June 16, 2023, Seeshaupt: Together with our parent company mgm technology partners we could spend a nice summer party at the Starnberger See Hideaway. After the official kick-off we had a lot of fun with small sportive challenges and could enjoy the sunset and fire in best summer mood in front of a great scenery.

Education fair in Geretsried

May 4, 2023, GeretsriedQuality is fun! That is our top priority. We offer interesting tasks for individual creativity and responsibility, good pay, a small and dedicated team with flexible working hours and three days home office. We are not just any IT company, but a multi-award winning medium-sized company from Geretsried with a very special corporate culture.
Check out whether it suits you... and practice in advance on the table football for an "interview" at the trade fair. Are you looking for an internship, a student job or a partner for your future dual studies (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)? Get in touch with us.

JavaLand 2023

March 21–23, 2023, Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany: In 2023, we are represented for the first time both with a talk by our software developer Max Melzer "Level Up Your Code - OOP design techniques (not only) for career changers" and with a QFS booth as an exhibitor at the JavaLand Conference 2023 to present the latest QF test version 7.0 to the public.

Almost the entire QFS development team visits the fair and enjoys the mix of technical input, rides and social exchange.

New Year's reception 2023

January 17–19, 2023, Geretsried: Our staff came together for several days in Geretsried to play games, do sports (table tennis, table football, Codenames, Pilates yoga...), eat, sing and work together. In short, to have fun together. 

A photo review of 2022 by Martina Schmid brought back fond memories, because there was a lot to celebrate in 2022: among other things, the belated anniversary celebration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of QFS and, of course, the merger with mgm- technology Partners. Joint excursions, further celebrations, the welcoming of new employees and newborn children, the relocation of the office in Leipzig, etc. were all brought back to mind. Karlheinz Kellerer focused on financial topics. Plamen Vesselinov provided interesting statistics on support.

Claudia Sommer, a well-known singer, gave us a very entertaining presentation on the effects of our language - both how we can actively influence it, but also with regard to the different effects of one and the same text delivered by different people. We took away with us that we can indeed actively "manipulate" our supposedly natural way of speaking on the telephone or in lectures.

Donations 2022

At the end of each year, QFS donates a fixed percentage of its profits (before tax, etc.) to charities. At the New Year's reception, this was 2022 for the previous year:

Since 2019, each employee has also chosen an organisation that is important to him or her to donate to.

XMAS Party mit mgm in München

Kurz vor Weihnachten machte sich die Geretsrieder Belegschaft und eine Nürnbergerin auf, um in München mit den Kolleg:innen von mgm zu feiern. Lecker und lustig war`s auf jeden Fall. Wer erkennt wen? Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!