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A litte bit different christmas party

2020-12-08, everybody at home: Due to the Covid pandemic our christmas party was online which does not mean that is was less creative. Pascal and his family wrapped christmas presents for everyone with punch, cookies, a small pixie and the gingerbread house parts. The first task was being a creative builder for this tiny house. The houses were presented to all employees within the platform Gather town that was warmly decorated. After the official part we played "Set", "Who am I" or "Pictionary".

Donations 2020

Since 2019, each employee may additionally select a charitable organization to which donations will also be made. With the help of a PowerPoint slide, all employees present an organization at the Christmas party to which their donation budget goes. This gives attention to many different aspects:

As every year, we also donated to these organizations:

Gingerbreadhouse gallery

Javaland 2020

In 2020, we wanted to participate again in one of the most popular developer conferences - Javaland 2020. Unfortunately, Corona put a spoke in our wheel. In order to ensure continued existence of the conference and also to provide a little support, we decided to participate in the Javaland Hero program and waive part of the refund of our already booked tickets.

Javaland thanked us:

New office - (not only) new equipment

March 2020, Geretsried-Gelting: A lot is moving right now. We have bought plants for our new office to create a good interieur climate, additional office cabinets for more storage space and of course the new soccer table. Obvious things are happening but also less evident things like our thoughts about "Reinventing Organizations". Mentioning this here seems to be a bit strange. However, the soccer table was bought by using the reinventing method of "consultation process". It was the task of one colleague to buy it and asked the others for advice. One small first step but with a tangible effect of a new soccer table.

Relocation of our head office into a new office building

2020-02-17, Geretsried-Gelting: After more than 15 years in the familial flair mid-terrace house in Tulpenstraße in Gertsried we moved to a light-flooded office in the business park of Geretsried-Gelting. „QFS has reached adulthood.“, this is how our managing director Martina outlined this relocation.

New Years reception in the Alps

2020-01-15, Lenggries, Germany: This winter season we didn't have a christmas party, but a New Year reception in the Alps. We met for coffee and cake in the Lahnerstubn. After that everybody could do in the afternoon whatever he/she liked to do: Walking to the Brauneck mountain, chatting, playing cards or working a bit ;). After a rich dinner, everyone presented his/her last year's highlights and the organizsation the QFS budget was donated to. Martina Schmid had a little "glass of awesomeness"-present for every employee.