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05. May 2022

Our kicker - once again, one of the most important "employees"

On Wednesday the 27th of April 2022 at the career fair in Bad Tölz. QFS was represented as an exhibitor with Yann Spöri, Martina Schmid and the  aforementioned company kicker. Young people from different schools visited us - admittedly mostly attracted by the table soccer. But also serious conversations. Interest in computer science is high, but QFS does not offer However, QFS does not offer the often sought-after IT specialist training. 
Our offers are aimed at students of MINT/Informatics courses of study - The first application in this direction from a visitor reached us just one day later. 
reached us just one day later. It may also be due to the young age and that hardly anyone with programming knowledge found their way to us. The chosen day of the fair was somewhat unfortunate for both QFS and a handful of a handful of exhibiting colleges: High school graduates did not come, the school-leaving exams in Bavaria started on that day.

In addition to the young people, however, the kicker was also for ourselves and some other exhibitors a welcome occasion for a sports session. The temperatures at the trade fair venue, the freshly thawed ice rink, were somewhat low. Heated battles kept spirits and body temperatures high and the QFS team also put up a good fight in a narrow 9:10 loss against the neighboring team from the customs, which competed with a former student world champion.

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