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Annotating screenshots with QF-Test

For many people a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why, in this article, we will show how to add various annotations to screenshots using QF-Test.

14. August 2023, Yann Spöri

Switching languages in QF-Test

QF-Test is multi-lingual - and many of our users are, too. In this post we explain how you can control the interface language of QF-Test.

07. February 2023, Max Melzer

From mgm's coffee kitchen to test automation with QF-Test

Lilia Gargouri is head of the mgm Quality Team together with Martin Varendorff. In this interview, she describes for us how she found her way to QF-Test, what's important to her in test automation, and about her hopes for the closer cooperation between our companies in the future.

22. September 2022, Thomas Max

Why Can't Developers and Testers Just Get Along?

The relationship between software testers and software developers can fraught with tension. But if everyone is free to bring their skills and their focus to the table, together, we can build great software.

31. May 2022, Max Melzer