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28. May 2020

WebSaga | Wake up!

Wake up! The daily tickle units are beginning! Let's see if you can still dance.

This is how it starts every night. I barely have a moment of rest until I'm clicked and checked again. But it's fun, I'm the website!

First they used the quickstart assistent to prepare the basis for a dependency. It tests if I'm already awake and ready to dance the next steps - or do I still need to be woken up?

Then I need to quickly jump through a hurdle - the cookie banner. Every time I am woken up new it stands before me and asks in capital letters if I'll accept it. This only happens in the automation with QF-Test because the parameter "deleteCookies" is set on "true".

This hurdle is like a warm-up exercise. As soon as I'm awake and the next dance begins, I don't need to do this exercise anymore.

If I make a big mistake and can't go on at all (we call it "Exception") I'm allowed to take a short rest and continue from the next dance. "Go sleep!", they tell me, even though I'll be awoken again immediately. This is done by the dependency. Cleaning up and preparing until all the dances are completed. Only then can I truly rest.

There's a special card being used for the choreography - this way all my trainers will know where to tickle me, so that I jump to the right place. The secret to this is the CustomWebResolver(). I will talk about that more next time.

Until next time - happy clicking and checking!

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