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14. May 2020

WebSaga | Click click - it tickles

Click click - it tickles! I'm jumping back and forth, it's almost like a dance. Always the same steps, I show a different form with every jump.
My educators (I call them colleagues) have been training me for a long time, until I learned to do it perfectly. Quality first, as they always say. So that I always jump to the right spot, always show my best form.
My predecessor was pretty good too, but they're old now and deserved their retirement. I learned a lot from them, too. 

Now it's time! Now I can introduce myself to the world. Here I am! Can you see me? Hi! I'm the new website,!

My colleagues say, it's not enough to learn the steps, I can't forget them either, or make wrong steps. They call it "bugs". (Why not sidesteps?)

Everyday they want to click, click, tickle me! And check, check, verify me!
They talk about test automation, regression tests, and that I will also need a resolver! Because of my components. I also heard them talk about ProcBuilder!
Are you excited, too? Soon I will report here how my daily tickle and check units are built, developed and protocoled, or as the colleagues say: how I am tested automatically.

See you soon and happy clicking and checking!

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