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Uwe Klüh, QFS Sales, international

I love to inspire our customers to really get into the quality first approach.

Uwe Klüh,
Sr. Sales Manager, QFS

Our general orientation project

Employee satisfaction, guiding principles, future perspectives

"What matters to us at work, how do we want to work on our product QF-Test, engage with each other and with customers - today and in the future?", were some of the considerations that led to this project. Thanks to the professional external advice and guidance by Dr. Kornelia Rassmann (www.rf-projektagentur.de) this in-house project evolved from May 2012 on.

The complete QFS staff was consulted through semi-structured interviews, accompanied by a quantitative employee satisfaction survey. The latter paints an exceptionally positive picture: the employees especially appreciate the excellent atmosphere at QFS, the fun they experience at work and the social and healthy working environment that encourages participation and constructive criticism.

The SWOT-Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and the "Perspective 2020" resulting from the interviews was presented to the complete QFS staff at the "Leitbild" workshop in June 2013. The event was used to elaborate in more detail the main QFS guiding principles "Quality", "Sustainability" and "Fun"(Corporate philosophy). Many points emerged during the workshop and helped to define these principles in more concrete terms. Regular "general orientation" trend checks serve to motivate the implementation, as well as to increase organizational and individual learning and hence keep the company on its successful course.

QFS: General orientation Sustainability poster
QFS: General Orientation Discussion
QFS: General Orientation Worldcafé
QFS: General orientation quality poster
QFS - Quality, Fun, Sustainability
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