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[QF-Test] QF-Test version 4.7.1 released

  • Subject: [QF-Test] QF-Test version 4.7.1 released
  • From: Michael Höber, QFS <michael.hoeber@?.de>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 12:13:23 +0200
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.net

Dear QF-Test users,

The last days have been interesting for Java developers.
Java 13 has been released (supported since QF-Test 4.7.0) as well as SWT
4.13 (aka 2019-09) is available.

We are happy to announce that also QF-Test version 4.7.1 is now available
for download from:

 Release notes

New features:

* QF-Test now supports tests for applications, which have been developed
using Eclipse/SWT 4.13 alias "2019-09".

* The defined user interface scaling of windows is now optionally taken into
account when executing windows tests.

* If required, QF-Test now automatically downloads support for new versions
of the Electron framework.

*  Web Improved testing perfomance of WebDriver controlled browsers on
Windows systems.

* Improved performance of the CustomWebResolver for Primefaces.

* During Windows-tests, it is now possible to check for table components a
whole row at once.

* Jumping from resultlist to suite now also works with "Return".

* Improved item scrolling performance with WebDriver browsers.

* Updated the embedded geckodriver to version 0.25.0.

* Supporting tests with Operadriver 76.0.3809.132.

Bugs fixed:

* The Java FX WebView tests had problems interacting with web frames, which
are fixed now.

* A hierarchy of modal windows could falsely trigger a ModalDialogException
during Windows tests.

* On systems without active user session, replay of web mouse clicks could
lead to a NullPointerException.

* Web page load was not detected when the web page or framework undefined
the javascript dialog methods.

* When extensively expanding variables outside a testrun, QF-Test might have
used all available memory.

* Fixed a rare NullPointerException which could happen when using
rc.checkImageAdvanced() in combination with an image in image search.

* The standard procedure "qfs.autowin.acrobat.savePDF" could sometimes stop
with message "filename field cannot be determined" because of slow network
connections when opening the save dialog and cloud targets activated.

* Changed the URL for remotely loaded javascript in the
"qfs.web.general.integrateFirebug" procedure.

* The automation infobar of Google Chrome is now also hidden during webtests
with Chrome version 76 and higher on Windows.

* If the QF-Test agent is activated two times by an erroneous client
specification, the connection to the SUT is now established nevertheless.

* The qfs.database.executeSelectStatement procedure now also works for
databases that require an explicit db.commit() statement.

Michael Höber   
Development & Support   
E: mailto:michael.hoeber@?.de   
T: +49 8171 38648-19   
F: +49 8171 38648-16   
Quality First Software GmbH |   
Tulpenstr. 41 | 82538 Geretsried | Germany   
GF Gregor Schmid, Dr. Martina Schmid, Karlheinz Kellerer
HRB München 140833