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[QF-Test] The target component X could not be determined. - web test

  • Subject: [QF-Test] The target component X could not be determined. - web test
  • From: Hofmann Thomas IE12 <Hofmann.Thomas@?.de>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 16:22:36 +0200

Hello everybody,


I try to set up a web test suite.

This is hanging early on a check text.

The error is:



The target component


could not be determined.


Can anybody imagine, what could be the reason or where to look first?

The further Stacktrace tells me:

“This can be caused by a number of quite

different reasons. Please see chapter 5

of the manual for background information

and how to proceed.”


On the website I’ve found the Manual. But there is only a chapter 4:

IV  Technical reference

Followed by A FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Could it be, I’ve overseen something?


I wil try to describe the circumstances:

At first there is the HTML:


<span id="_TaskFormFillRequest_WAR_Scrapping_:theForm:generalInformationPartTypeOut">FP</span>


Then I set up a generic component:


      <ComponentStep class="SELECT" classcount="1" classindex="0" height="-"



                     uid="_1oIB" width="-" x="-" y="-">

        <extrafeature name="class" negate="false" regexp="false" state="0">ui-icon ui-icon-triangle-1-s ui-c</extrafeature>

        <extrafeature name="qfs:class" negate="false" regexp="false"


        <extrafeature name="qfs:systemclass" negate="false" regexp="false"





Later I give the QF-Test ID to another variable:


      <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJv" varname="idMaterialAusgabe">




Then I do a ProcedureCall:

      <ProcedureCall id="_1oJZ" procedure="check_text"


        <variable name="_id">$(idMaterialAusgabe)</variable>

        <variable name="_separator">$(idMaterialSeparator)</variable>

        <variable name="_value">$(idMaterialValue)</variable>


The 2 other Variables are:

      <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJ3" varname="idMaterialSeparator">



      <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJE" varname="idMaterialValue">



I do a ProcedureCall because I want to do some extra things which are not complete yet.

The Procedure does a Check Text:

    <Procedure id="_1oJN" name="check_text">

      <variable name="_id"/>

      <variable name="_separator">@</variable>

      <variable name="_value"/>

      <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJS" local="true" varname="isOK">



      <IfSequence id="_1oJP" name="is_separator_regexp"

                  test="&#34;$(_separator)&#34; == &#34;%&#34;">

        <CheckStringStep client="$(client)" component="$(_id)" id="_1oJO"

                         local="true" regexp="true" resvarname="testOK">


          <comment>Achtung! Bei Text muß der gleiche regexp rein wie bei Prozedur set_select. Im Else Zweig normal ohne regexp, denn dann separator == '@'.</comment>


        <ElseSequence id="_1oJQ" name="no_separator_regexp">

          <CheckStringStep client="$(client)" component="$(_id)" id="_1oJR"

                           local="true" resvarname="testOK">





      <IfSequence id="_1oJT" name="check_text_ok" test="&#34;$(testOK)&#34;">

        <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJU" local="true" varname="isOK">



        <ElseSequence id="_1oJV" name="check_text_not_ok">

          <SetGlobalStep id="_1oJW" local="true" varname="isOK">





      <ReturnStep id="_1oJX" retval="$(isOK)"/>



There the error is emerging.


Would be great if someone has an idea or a hint.


Thanks in advance and regards


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Best regards,


Thomas Hofmann

Build & Test Management VIB


Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH

Landshuter Straße 100

D-84137 Vilsbiburg

phone:  +49 8741 471573

fax:  +49 8741 471985






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