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Re: [QF-Test] Minor usability suggestions

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Minor usability suggestions
  • From: "Yann Spöri, QFS Support" <support@?.de>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 10:59:21 +0200

Hello Jile,

I cannot reproduce your repaint issue. Typically such issues are
caused by a problem somewhere between Windows and Java. Please check
whether your graphics drivers are up-to-date - many such issues were
resolved by a driver update.

If this problem still persists after updating the drivers, please get
back directly to our support.

Regarding your suggestion "to allow SUT script to run even if the
client is not connected": You cannot execute something in a process
that doesn't exists. But it's not needed, since that is what Jython or
Groovy 'Server Script' nodes are for. No need for a batch client. In
fact, you should never use an 'SUT script' node if the same can be
achieved in a 'Server script', i.e. whenever you don't need to
interact directly with the SUT.

You can convert an 'SUT Script' node to a 'Server script' via a
right-click -> Convert node into -> Server Script.

Last but not least the story about empty script nodes. Possible, of
course, but what for? The most likely reason for having an empty
script is an error. If a user has forgotten to input the script, he
will be glad that he gets informed.

Whenever I just want to add a script and implement its content later I
simply enter a sharp (#) sign (or // for Groovy), then press


Am 17.10.2014 16:27, schrieb Jile Gao:

Just some minor bugs\usability suggestions.

I am in Windows 7. When I try to resize QF-Test to be taller, I drag the
top edge of the window to the top of the screen. Windows then
automatically pulls the bottom edge to the bottom of the screen. This
makes the window become the entire height of the screen. However QF-Test
does not fill the bottom part. It is black down there. This is a minor
bug. The workaround is to then resize again from the left or right edge.

We use Jython SUT script a lot. If the Jython script does not refer to
anything in the client, theoretically the client does not need to be
connected if we want to run something before launching the SUT in order
to prepare. This is impossible in QF-Test. The workaround is to create a
batch script which runs the Jython script separately, then run the rest
of the test using QF-Test, but this is cumbersome. The suggestion is to
allow SUT script to run even if the client is not connected.

An empty Jython SUT script is a valid script, but QF-Test does not allow
an empty script. The workaround is to put something there that does
nothing e.g. an import statement, a null statement, etc. The suggestion
is to allow empty SUT scripts.

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