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[QF-Test] QF-Test 4.0.0-beta3 released

  • Subject: [QF-Test] QF-Test 4.0.0-beta3 released
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 15:04:42 +0200

Dear QF-Test users,

the third public Beta of QF-Test version 4.0 is now available for
download from

All the major projects for QF-Test 4.0 have made significant progress
since beta 2. Support for the Chrome browser is nearing completion,
embedded browser support is stabilizing and has more features and for
Java FX we are already talking about final details like automated
procedure recording or some special checks which have now been

For SWT applications this version fixes a serious performance issue
that unfortunately was introduced in QF-Test version 4.0.0-beta2.

As with the second Beta, licenses for QF-Test version 3.5 are valid for
QF-Test version 4 until June 30, 2014.

Please note that Chrome support is automatically included in
QF-Test/web whereas JavaFX support in QF-Test/fx is a new GUI engine
that must be purchased separately or as an add-on. Evaluation licenses
automatically include support for the JavaFX engine, users with a
commercial license should request an evaluation license if they want
to give QF-Test/fx a try.

Release notes for QF-Test 4.0.0-beta3

New features:

* Support was added for Firefox version 30.

* Procedure recording is now fully supported for Java FX.

* For web applications based on the AJAX framework ZK QF-Test now
  resolves the original developer-assigned IDs and uses them as names
  for components.

* Support for the Chrome browser is continuously improving. Up- and
  download are now fully supported as well as login dialogs, closing
  of browser windows, key and text input including modifiers and
  cursor position. Also, there now is a custom profile folder to
  separate testing from normal use with support for cookie and cache
  cleanup, locale and proxy settings.

* Support for embedded browsers in Java FX WebView or JX Browser has
  also been improved. Multiple embedded browsers in one window are now
  handled correctly.

* Simple but very useful: The dialog shown when an error or exception
  occurs during a test now has an additional button for jumping
  directly to the respective node in the run-log.

* A check was added for the checked state of a CheckBox in Java FX
  table cells, tree nodes and list entries.

* The new procedure qfs.web.general.dragFromTo supports HTML5 style
  drag and drop operations without blocking the application,
  alternatively at Javascript level or via hard events.

* For TestLink integration the ImportResults script now lets you
  specify the build name during import, overriding QF-Test's runid at
  test execution time is no longer necessary.

Bugs fixed:

* The introduction of generic classes for SWT caused a serious
  performance issue that has been fixed.

* For SWT QF-Test refused to replay hard events on negative
  coordinates which, however, are necessary to reach a window on a
  second monitor placed to the left of the main screen on Windows.

* The print dialog is now shown correctly in Firefox.

* In very special cases running a test in a QF-Test daemon could fail
  due to a missing engine license even though the license was

Best regards,
    Gregor Schmid

Gregor Schmid

E: gregor.schmid@?.de
T: +49 (0)8171 38648-11
F: +49 (0)8171 38648-16

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Tulpenstr. 41 | 82538 Geretsried | Germany
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