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[QF-Test] How to manage the Description of smoke tests and their actual implementation

  • Subject: [QF-Test] How to manage the Description of smoke tests and their actual implementation
  • From: "Wiesner Stephan" <stephan.wiesner@?.ch>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 07:47:35 +0200

Hi list,
I would like to present how we are planning to implement our smoke tests
process with QFTest and get some feedback from you. How do you manage
the test design, their description, maintenance and the actual tests?

I work in the banking business. We have product owners, people with
banking knowledge but low technical skill. They are responsible for the
requirements of our products and they write the testcases. They love
Word and Excel and for the "real" testcases we use Quality Center.
We do execute a lot of smoke tests while developing our products and as
the software is still under development, we have to change those. Fast
and often and often only after the code changed.
As we have a lot of products and only a small team for the
testautomation we do not have deep knowledge of the business needs and
can not follow all changes. Therefore we need our product owners to talk
to us and to hand us updated smoke tests (preferably in Word or Excel),
which we can then automate/update.

Our smoke tests in QFTest consist mainly of simple capture and replay
tests, which we just rerecord if something changes. Works fast and
simple, but this means that they are not (well, hardly) documented. We
do reference the word document with the textual description, though, by
giving them unique IDs. Combined the documentation is quite good.

That's how we currently implement our process and it seems to work, but
as we are still in a pilot project, I would really appreciate feedback
of how you make sure that your tests are documented and how you
communicate with your providers of testcases?

Greetings from Berne,
Stephan Wiesner

Testmanager ESTM
Telefon +41 (0)31 551 78 68

RTC Real-Time Center AG
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