Integration with Development Tools

Automating GUI testing is just one part of the development cycle. Requirements like automating the compilation or build process, running tests, creating documentation or providing a deliverable package led on to a variety of different development tools like IDEs (e.g. Eclipse) or build tools (e.g. make, ant, maven) or so called continuous integration systems (like Jenkins, Cruise Control, Continuum).

In general, by use of QF-Test's command line interface as documented in chapter 23 and chapter 42 a straight forward integration with those tools should be possible.

NoteGUI tests require an active user session. Chapter Hints on setting up test systems contains useful tips and tricks to set-up your test systems. In FAQ 14 you can find technical details.

The following sections contain examples for integrations with a some of the tools mentioned above.





JUnit 5 Jupiter

TeamCity CI