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Uwe Klüh, Senior Sales Manager, QFS

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Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS

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Interaction with Test Management Tools

QF-Test contains some pragmatic test management approaches, like creating a test-case overview or documenting test-cases within QF-Test. In bigger projects it might be necessary to make use of an own dedicated test management system to track the development status of test-cases or to link test-cases and their results to defects, use-cases or features. Besides support for planning of test-cases and tracking their results a test management system could also contain a test execution engine, which supervises the occupation of test-systems during different test-runs.

As QF-Test doesn't come with all of those features though continuously improving in that area, it is very easy to integrate QF-Test with such a test management or test execution system using the QF-Test Batch mode or the QF-Test Daemon mode. For more information about the Batch mode or the Daemon mode, please see chapter 18.

The following chapters describe some exemplary solutions which we provide for established test management systems. If you cannot find your test management system in that list, please contact us or our mailing-list to get hints about a possible integration approach.

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