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Uwe Klüh, Senior Sales Manager, QFS

Find the information you need in the whole documentation (Manual, Tutorial, Mailing list, Standard library) by using the online search above.

Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS

Help is given in the software itself, too.

You can access the whole documentation directly from within QF-Test.



People who are using Apache Ant (http://ant.apache.org) as build system may easily integrate QF-Test in their build file:

<project name="QF-Test" default="runtest">

    <property name="qftest"
      location="c:\Program Files\qfs\qftest\qftest-4.2.2\bin\qftest.exe" />
    <property name="logdir" value="c:\mylogs" />

    <target name="runtest" description="Run a test in batchmode">
        <echo message="Running ${suite} ..." />
        <exec executable="${qftest}" failonerror="false"
            <arg value="-batch" />
            <arg value="-compact" />
            <arg value="-runlog" />
            <arg value="${logdir}\+b" />
            <arg value="${suite}" />
        <condition property="result"
      value="Test terminated successfully.">
            <equals arg1="${returncode}" arg2="0" />
        <condition property="result"
      value="Test terminated with warnings.">
            <equals arg1="${returncode}" arg2="1" />
        <condition property="result"
      value="Test terminated with errors.">
           <equals arg1="${returncode}" arg2="2" />
        <condition property="result"
      value="Test terminated with exceptions.">
            <equals arg1="${returncode}" arg2="3" />
        <echo message="${result}" />

Example 22.1:  Ant build file build.xml to execute a test-suite

The above example assumes the test-suite to be defined as property when running ant: ant -Dsuite="c:\Program Files\qfs\qftest\qftest-4.2.2\demo\carconfig\carconfig_en.qft".

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