Welcome to JavaLand 2022

In March of 2022, part of our development team visited the JavaLand conference. Here are some impressions from the event.

29. March 2022, Max Melzer

4 Quick Tips from the QF-Test Support Team

Day in, day out, our diligent support team answers our customers' questions. Here are some of their answers about data drivers, error message filtering, and variable defaults.

28. February 2022, Max Melzer

Running Website Tests in Parallel with QF-Test

Several parallel tests

Running multiple tests at once could improve test execution time a lot (if raw system performance is not a bottleneck) while saving lots of infrastructure overhead because everything can run on one machine.

15. February 2022, Max Melzer

Working as a Team with QF-Test - Dos and Don'ts

[Translate to English:] Arbeiten im Team icon

Sure, a team of testers can handle extensive test projects faster and better than a single person. But some things that may seem simple at first actually can become much more difficult when working in a team.

02. February 2022, Max Melzer

No Log4j Vulnerability in QF-Test

QF-Test check

In the last days, a vulnerability in the popular open source library log4j has been reported, nick-named Log4shell. QF-Test is not (and has not) been vulnerable to this attack, for a number of reasons.

13. December 2021, Pascal Bihler

Testing Excel files

Excel file Check

Excel files can be read into QF-Test using a simple procedure call where the procedure qfs.utils.files.readExcelFile must be called.

30. November 2021, Yann Spöri