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08. April 2020

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - Canned Procedures

Packet soup or baking mixture, cook by yourself or bake? Concerning food opinions divide. Pros and cons.

QF-Test doesn’t ship convenience food, you have to cook it yourself. But you will be given a variety of spices that will ease your life: the standard library qfs.qft. From a collection of fine salt and pepper to complex pizza spices, the genuine for every meal.

What’s inside the standard library?

  • procedures (spices)
  • generic components (vitamins)

Fish, meat or vegetarian? Some spices go together with any meal, other just with specific dishes. The standard library contains drawers – the packages – where you can find the procedures waiting for their service.

For example: What should I take to cook pasta? Let’s take a look inside the „pasta” drawer. With mushrooms? With cheese? Pesto?

In qfs.qft you have those packages for engines such as „swing“, „web“ or „win“ as well as universal procedures in „utils“ drawer.

Do I only take salt and pepper (mouse click)? You have the refined version called „general.doClick()“ for every engine. Or italian spices for my salad? Then I take „swing.combobox.getItemCount()“. Or something similar for pizza? Then „fx.list.getItemCount()“, etc.

What are the advantages? You are finished. Mastered by famed chefs, tested by gourmets. It saves my time and guarantees constant quality.

And if it’s not my flavor? Then I can still write my own procedures.

So why not give it a shot? Unlike eating a pudding, procedures won’t disappear if you try them… :)

Enjoy your meal!

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