Change language in QF-Test

Notice: An improved version of this post can be found here: Switching languages in QF-Test.

QF-Test exists in German and English. You can switch the language in QF-Test. It is easy you just need to know how to change the language settings.

1. Find qfconfig.exe

a. Click your way to your QF-Test installation up to \bin

b. Or right click on the the QF-Test file association on your desktop and then click on “Open file location”

e.g. C:\Program Files\QFS\QF-Test\qftest-5.2.1\bin

c. Or search for QF-Test in the Windows menu and click directly on "QF-Test Java configuration" (Continue with 3.)

2. Open qfconfig.exe

3. Select your required language

4. Click “OK” and then you’re done.

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