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Author: Martina Schmid
09. April 2019

If you want to work in Germany, come to us

QFS (Quality First Software GmbH) is one of the best employers of the ITC industry in Germany and also in Bavaria. We are placed in Geretsried and Leipzig and have won the Great Place to Work award already two times now. Geretsried is between Munich and the Alps at the Isar river.

In 2018 we took first place as newcomer in the category of firms with less than 50 employees. This result was presented in the Great Place to Work Institute in Munich. This year we won as well in this voluntary audit. The anonymous employees’ opinions count twice in comparison to the company’s report about fairness, credibility, respect, pride and team spirit. All of our 16 employees took part in the survey.

Here is a short overview of what QFS offers: Besides two home office days for the whole company, we go and have lunch together paid by the company three times per month. Who wants to have a short nap afterwards can sleep whenever there is the need except in the afternoon when we are playing table football.

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