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28. December 2021

20 years Quality First Software GmbH - Happy Birthday

Today 20 years ago, on December 28, 2021, Quality First Software GmbH was founded by Gregor Schmid and Karlheinz Kellerer to replace QFS as a GbR. First, also international customers existed already at that time. When asked about the GmbH foundation date - why so close to the turn of the year - Gregor Schmid tells: "This was a date request of the notary's office and unfortunately resulted in having to prepare a whole GmbH balance sheet 2001 for the 4 days in 2001." Such small start-up difficulties provide amusement 20 years later. There was no plan to lead the company QFS in 10 or 20 years to this or that point regarding turnover, number of employees or technology. All the more pleasing that the high flexibility in all areas, also disparagingly called "business by accident" by some, has led to a permanent but slow growth with a great dedicated team of 25 people and more than 1,400 customers worldwide.

Quotes from colleagues and their first QFS memory

  • Wow K. is leaving Siemens and doing Quality First with G., sounds exciting.
  • They are doing something with Android and smartphones, I don't know if that fits you.
  • We use QF-Test for testing from the EAI tool. Check it out and work your way in.
  • QFS has home offices.
  • Hello, would any of you be interested in editing videos for my work as a student/student job?
  • I have a very nice employee oriented client in Geretsried.
  • There might be a company nearby, take a look at the site - got it from badminton training. These are the ones from the colorful house.
  • QFS, a company with a broader horizon
  • If you don't want to tinker with computers anymore, but want to program something, there's a company where I'm in sales, they make software to test software. It's a fun bunch and there's kicker table!
  • My boss allows us 2h per week free development time where you can also just try something out. Actually he would like to allow more, but we are too small a company and there is too much to do...
  • a young company that develops software and is quite successful with it; they just bought an (office) house...
  • QFS, the small nice company with super sympathetic people, always worth a visit. The first company that really takes quality seriously and doesn't just write it on the website.
  • Very sympathetic company, I think I could feel really comfortable there.
  • I waited outside - because I was too early - "you can ring the bell".
  • I have discovered a new TA tool, from a German company, with German-speaking support, and even already got an answer that it is possible to play long clicks!
  • I got the most heartwarmingly friendly rejection ever from T. at the time.
  • Do you really think that QF-Test has hardly any bugs?
  • We all have kids and we know how important family life is, that's why 2 days a week are home office.
  • What a "cool" idea, that would have definitely saved me a lot of complex JUnit tests.
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