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Martina Schmid, QFS managing director

Webinars are of course an alternative to face-to-face trainings/consulting.

Martina Schmid,
Managing director, QFS

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The webinar conducted by Martin Moser was superb and its content, its pace, and requesting/answering people's questions were right-on target.

Joel Jasso,
Mentor Graphics Corporation, USA

Thomas Max, QF-Test training & consulting, development & support

With QF-Test we are so close to the customer as no one else.

Thomas Max,
Sr. Software Engineer & Trainer, QFS

Webinars for QF‑Test beginners & experts

  • Webinars offer you a fast (without travel time) and cheap (no travel expenses, hotel expenses) help, whenever you wish it. Directly at your application and comfortably at your desk... the saved kilometers travelled are good for the environment and fit to our general orientation for sustainable management.
  • We also gladly consult and train you face-to-face. Please take a look at Training & Consulting and at experiences of former training participants.
QF-Test Training options


Evaluation webinar- first steps with QF-Test

1. Get-started-webinar »

Take part in our free get-started-webinar during your evaluation period: We help you doing the very first steps with QF-Test, from the start of the application which is tested to a short overview of reports and checks.

Kick-off webinar QF-Test

2. Kick-off-webinar for starting the project»

In a half-day kick-off-webinar we build a solid basic structure for your successful start directly at your application. This prevents expensive maintenance work later on and we also review your first tests.

Training via webinar QF-Test

3. Training via webinar »

Book our standard webinar training (4 days-block with 2 x 1,5 hours of webinar per day or separate modules).
Of course also the company webinar training (on your application, no participants from other companies). 

Consulting via webinar QF-Test

4. Consulting / Support »

The alternative to an on-site meeting for your individual problems (e.g. resolvers) or a "remote"-project accompaniment via screensharing (e.g. a contingent of hours that you demand whenever you need).

Quick review webinar QF-Test

5. Quick-review »

A half-day quick-review several weeks after a training or consulting appointment with the expert, who trained/consulted you: What have you implemented, where do you have problems or are there any new questions?

Special webinar QF-Test

6. Special webinar »

Our trainer and consultant Martin Moser offers special webinars regarding frequently asked questions for refreshment and consoli­dation (Scripting, resolvers, component identification etc.).


1. Get-started-webinar


Start, capture/replay, report

Registration please to webinar@remove-this.qfs.de

approx. 20 minutes

free of charge

2. Kick-off-webinarfollowing

Structuring tests, procedures, dependencies (pre- and postconditions for robust tests), component recognition, data driver, distributed test development, keyword-driven testing, debugger, etc.

4 hours600 €
3. Training via webinarfollowing customer request

Standard webinar training English
Please plan one additional hour per day for exercises.

1-4 days,
2x1.5 hours per day
250 € per day/person
900 € for 4 days/person
following customer requestCompany webinar training English, exclusively for your company.
Please plan one additional hour per day for exercises.
individual offer
4. Consulting/ support via webinarfollowing customer requestSpecific challenges up to project accompaniment150 € per hour
5. Quick-reviewfollowing
Review and optimization of existing test suites and test architecture by one of our experienced experts.4 hours600 €
6. Special webinar
(further information)
July 23, 2018

Travelling to Treasure Island -recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript

1.5 hours
(16.00 - 17.30 CEST)
125 € per person and webinar

* Prices in Euro, excl. VAT, subject to change without notice.

For registration and all further questions please contact us via webinar@remove-this.qfs.de or +49 8171 38648-10.

A webinar is an online meeting or presentation where users share a virtual desktop over the internet and all participants can see the same screen. QFS uses TeamViewer or GotoMeeting (no additional costs for you), but upon request, other software may also be used, provided that interoperation and functionality is confirmed by all parties (a plugin of TeamViewer or GotoMeeting will be installed automatically at your side).
Prior to purchasing and attending a webinar, the customer needs to ensure that technical and organizational preconditions are met. In particular the customer's company policy must not preclude remote desktop sharing sessions with the webinar software intended to be used and interoperability of the latter with the customer's network infrastructure must be verified.

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