The FrameNode class

The FrameNode class is derived from Node and also resides in the package de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.web.dom. In addition to the methods defined in the Node class and explained above, FrameNode provides the following:

DocumentNode getChildDocument()
Get the child document of the frame.
ReturnsThe child document of the frame.
DomNode getFrameElement()
Get the DomNode-Object, which contains the frame, if known, i.e. an IFRAME- or FRAME-node.
ReturnsDer DomNode oder null.
String getFrameName()
Get the name of the frame as defined by its "name" attribute.
ReturnsThe name of the frame.
String getFrameUrl()
Get the URL of the frame which should normally be the same as the URL of its child document.
ReturnsThe URL of the frame.
int[] getGeometry()
Get the location and size of the frame relative to its parent frame or the browser window's display area.
ReturnsThe frame geometry in the form [x, y, width, height].