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Uwe Klüh, Senior Sales Manager, QFS

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Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS

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The DomNode class

The DomNode class is derived from Node and also resides in the package de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.web.dom. In addition to the methods defined in the Node class and explained above, DomNode provides the following:

Get the cached ID of the node which may have been processed by an IdResolver as described in subsection 43.1.16. The original, unmodified 'ID' attribute is available via getAttribute("id").
ReturnsThe cached ID of the node.
setAttribute(String name, String value)
Set an attribute value on the node.
nameThe name of the attribute.
valueThe value to set.
Node[] getChildrenByTagName(String tagName)
Get all direct child nodes of this node with a given tag name.
tagNameThe tag name to look for.
Returns An array of child nodes with the given tag name. If none are found, an empty array is returned.
boolean hasFocus()
Test whether the node has the keyboard focus.
Returns True if the node has the keyboard focus.
Tell the node to request the keyboard focus. This is a best-effort implementation. Whether the node actually receives the keyboard focus depends on the browser and operating system settings.
boolean isShowing()
Test whether the node is visible or can be made visible by scrolling.
Returns True if the node is visible.
void scrollVisible()
Try to scroll the page or a frame so as to make the node fully visible. This is a best effort implementation. Whether the node can actually be made visible depends on the browser and operating system settings.
int[] getLocationOnScreen()
Get the location and size of the node relative to desktop.
ReturnsThe node's geometry in the form [x, y, width, height].
void toJS(String name)
Set a JavaScript variable in the context of this node's document to this node.
nameThe name of the variable to set.
Object evalJS(String script)
Evaluate some JavaScript code in the context of this node's document.
scriptThe script to execute.
ReturnsWhatever the script returns, converted to the proper object type. Even returning a DOM node, frame or document works.
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