Dear QF-Test users and interested parties,

Happy New Year 2019!

To pass the time until the next release of QF-Test version 4.5, we would like to invite you to our next QF-Test Special Webinar free of charge in January.

Dependencies are a kind of magic where all test setup and cleanup is handled automatically.

Please see also the announcement video on YouTube.

It's like magic - Dependencies in QF‑Test: Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery

You will learn about a very powerful QF-Test feature. Our trainer will show how to manage test preconditions and introduce global mechanisms for error and exception handling. Furthermore dependencies are indispensable for the execution of tests in daemon mode.


January 28, 2019: 16.00 - approx. 17.30 CETIt's like magic - Dependencies in QF-Test: Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery
(German version in the morning)


Reserve your free virtual seat for the next special webinar which is for free via The number of seats is limited.

With your attendance you accept that the recording of the webinar may be published on YouTube and other public channels afterwards. At the end of the training you will have the possibility to ask questions.

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