QF-Test 7.0 officially released!


Hello dear QF-Test Users!

We have been planning, sweating, cursing, crying and laughing – now it is finally done: QF-Test 7.0 is here, the latest and greatest version of QF-Test.

Historically, major QF-Test updates brought support for new GUI technologies. This time, however, the focus is on the experience of using QF-Test itself.

That's why version 7.0 brings a refreshed UI including a dark mode, a new node for creating a CustomWebResolver for web applications, as well as a visual UI inspector. The SmartID concept was improved in lots of small ways and is now officially released.

Enjoy all the new features and successful testing with QF-Test 7.0,

your QFS team

Along with this release we created a 3-minute video to showcase the biggest new features: Video QF-Test 7.0

Highlights in QF-Test 7.0

The first thing you will notice is our refreshed user interface. We modernized the color scheme and optimized the size of icons and spacing between elements in QF-Test to give everything morebreathing space. In addition, we finally added the long-awaited dark mode, which is easier on the eyes and fits seamlessly into the presentation of your operating system.

SmartID has left the "preview" stage and is now a first-class feature. Component recognition via SmartID is a simple alternative to the component tree. The completely overhauled algorithm for determining the best label of a component is now faster, more robust and more flexible since you can also precisely specify which label of an element is the relevant one.

Using the brand new visual UI inspector you can understand QF-Test's special perspective on your web or Android application without having to record any component. You can, for example, get useful SmartID suggestions for any component or instantly see the effects of the CustomWebResolver on the component structure.

The configuration of a CustomWebResolver, which has historically been one of the biggest hurdles for testing web applications, is now much more user-friendly and clear. Thanks to a new dedicated node, the creation and administration of CWR rules is simplified and the specified configuration is continuously validated checked to help you avoid errors.

There are many more features to discover in QF-Test 7.0, such as new nodes for logging and built-in templates for frequently used scripts, listed in the Release Notes. Please be sure to pay special attention to the notes on possibly incompatible changes.

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QF-Test 7.0 These are the highlights you should know!

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