JavaFX – More alive than ever

Photo: ZEISS

A few years ago I provocatively asked: "Is FX even still alive?" Today my answer would be: "More alive than ever", and that is not a given after the Covid years.

02. avril 2024, Gregor Schmid

Performance-Comparison of VMs and Docker containers

A scientific analysis of the execution speed of QF-Test tests clearly shows that dockerised environments with headless browsers have the advantage. Our experiments show performance gains of up to 300% compared to a conventional VM.

07. mars 2024, Marcel Schmied

How mgm Advances Test Automation with QF-Test

Our parent company mgm technology partners has published a blog post about how they have been using QF-Test to supercharge their test automation efforts over the last 10 years.

02. novembre 2023, Max Melzer

Annotating screenshots with QF-Test


For many people a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why, in this article, we will show how to add various annotations to screenshots using QF-Test.

14. août 2023, Yann Spöri