QFS is an owner-managed, individual company with extensive expertise in the field of software test automation. For almost 20 years have been acting as competent and reliable partner, are committed to a customer-driven mindset and highly value integrity and authenticity. QFS emphasizes social and environmental responsibility both in their internal operations as well as their local or international activities.

Corporate philosophy

"Quality First" lies at the heart of our corporate philosophy which is based on three pillars.

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Quality is fun

  • "Quality", with respect to our product, our work and in dealing with our customers and colleagues.
  • "Fun", at work as well as enjoying our excellent working environment.
  • "Sustainability", e.g. economic success, social responsibility and ecological awareness.

"Quality First"

The motto "Quality First" is the heart of our corporate philosophy. With our test tool QF‑Test we contribute to improving the quality of our customers' software. We also apply highest quality standards to QF‑Test itself, as well as to the quick, friendly and competent handling of incoming queries, and emphasize a personal, trust based, and steady customer relationship.

Focus on quality in work and life

We are concerned about the quality of life and work of our employees and their families. Fun both in our daily work as well as during our frequent company events is important to us.

We put emphasis on reconcilability of family and working life (home office two days-a-week, flexible working hours specially for child – or parents care, paid nursery), employee profit participation and team spirit (Lunch paid by the company, kicker- and espresso breaks) and health of everyone (offers from gymnastics, table tennis to afternoon naps).

Every year we donate a fix percentage of the profit to a range of humanitarian initiatives locally (Bund Naturschutz, Inselhaus...) - received an award for this - and internationally (Globolab, Freunde Djibos) and we strongly emphasize sustainable economics (Company portrait (German PDF only), Regional Business Prize (German PDF only), CO2 Footprint (German PDF only), regularly CO2 Compensation Certificate (German PDF only), Sustainability Declaration of Benediktbeuren.

Energy-Consulting Allgäu: "In over 250 reviewed companies between Oberstdorf and Flensburg, the ecological ideal has never been carried out so inimitably and outstandingly as at QFS."

Comment tout a commencé et où QFS se trouve aujourd'hui

I've been working for QFS for 10 years and I am planning to do so until I retire. Do I have to say more about this company?

Mike Schmidt, QFS

Mike Schmidt

Sr. Licensing Manager, QFS

I love my job and QFS supports me professionnally and personally. I feel at home here and have fun at work.

Beáta Pázmány, QFS

Beáta Pázmány

Sr. Quality Assurance Manager, QFS

Here I can really be myself.

Helena Aschenbrenner, QFS

Helena Aschenbrenner

Sr. Sales Manager and Accounting, QFS

I like working freely and also planning time freely. We can realize projects that we choose on our own.

Claudia Baur, QFS

Claudia Baur

Online Marketing Manager, QFS

Daily table soccer. Fun is important at work that's the F in QFS.

Michael Höber, QFS

Michael Höber

Sr. Software Developer, QFS

I really appreciate that everybody can bring in his/her own talents and ideas - with the risk of implementing them. So there is a high identification with the product, the company and the practiced values.

Dr. Martina Schmid

Managing director, QFS

Our guiding principles in detail

In 2012 we had a corporate philosophy project with an interview of all employees that led to the following principles. The latter paints an exceptionally positive picture: the employees especially appreciate the excellent atmosphere at QFS, the fun they experience at work and the social and healthy working environment that encourages participation and constructive criticism.

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QFS's primary goal is to provide our customers a first-class product

QF-Test is a powerful, comprehensive and mature tool with an exceptional depth of functionalities that has been continuously improved over the past 15 years in close cooperation with our customers.

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QFS offers an excellent, customer-oriented service in all areas: support, consulting or sales

The customer comes first at QFS. A customer is not just a "number" but will be served in a very personal, fair and highly competent manner.

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QFS values its exceptionally good working environment

The outstanding working climate and good social interaction gains much praise from our staff and was named as a unique value proposition of our company in our recent employee satisfaction survey.

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QFS appreciates and supports their employees who are highly competent, self-motivated and committed to the company

QFS employs people who not only bring a lot of specific expertise and know-how to the company, each one is also highly motivated, fully identifies with the company and agrees with our corporate philosophy.

Sustainability icon
QFS performs well in all three areas of sustainability: economic success, social responsibility and ecological soundness

Economic or technical sustainability is achieved through careful planning of our software development projects, aiming to bring highly mature products to the market.

The Directors: Gregor Schmid, Dr. Martina Schmid, Karlheinz Kellerer (from left to right)

QFS trajectoire

Notre roadmap d'entreprise QFS
Notre roadmap d'entreprise QFS


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