General information

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What is QF-Test?

QF-Test is a software for creating, executing and managing automated GUI tests for Web, Java, Windows and Android applications...

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For which GUI technologies can tests be created?

Java Swing, SWT, JavaFX, Web, Android, Windows Desktop applications and PDF documents...

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Why should I choose QF-Test?

Easy to use, highly flexible, powerful and extensively documented...

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For which platforms is QF-Test available (system requirements)?

QF-Test supports the following platforms:

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Which Java versions are supported by QF-Test?

QF-Test itself is distributed with OpenJDK version 17:

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Can QF-Test be integrated with other tools?

QF-Test offers a flexible integration with other tools and areas due to XML as primary data format and different interfaces (batch execution via command line, daemon mode, scripting, REST, standard report):

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Who is using QF-Test already?

More than 1,400 enterprises in over 60 countries, more than 8,500 licenses are in use in small companies as well as the biggest IT service providers...

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How much does QF-Test cost?

License types and prices for QF-Test are listed on our Prices page.

Is QF-Test a low-code/no-code tool?

Yes! QF-Test is designed as low-code software so that you can develop, run and maintain your tests without programming knowledge using "capture and replay".

What are SmartIDs

SmartID is a technology first introduced in QF-Test 6.0. With it, referencing your application's components in QF-Test becomes much simpler than before:

Why GUI test automation?

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I run unit tests, why is that not sufficient?

Though indispensable, unit tests can only test small parts of a system in isolation (steering-wheel OK, motor OK)...

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What is the use of test automation?

Automated software testing reduces time and costs spent on quality assurance...

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What can I tell my boss who doesn't want to spend money?

Thanks to the low price for licenses and the good usability of QF-Test you can start quickly with efficient testing...


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Is a trial version available for download?

Yes. You can download the trial version without registration.

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And where do I get this license file?

You can request a free trial license valid for 4 weeks...

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What is the best way to get started with QF-Test?

Download the trial version without registration and request a trial license now.


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Does QF-Test need an additional license server?

No, not necessarily...

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I have recieved a license file as attachment of an email. What shall I do with it?

To answer this question, we have written a blog article...

Support and training

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Where can I get help troubleshooting?

Please read this FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If not please read on.

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What about training for QF-Test?

QF-Test training for beginners and advanced users in German and English takes place regularly.

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What about consulting for QF-Test?

We offer consulting and often combine this with a workshop...

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Are there any free offers?

Here is a list of our free offers....

Feature requests and Bug reports

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How can I suggest features (Feature requests) for QF-Test?

Feature requests are always welcome...

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How can I report a bug in QF-Test

Simply send us an email...