QF-Test Version 5.0

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Starter Videos

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Here you'll get a first impression of the test tool QF-Test and also a bit about the company behind...

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QF-Test basics

What do you need for test automation with QF-Test?

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Download and licenses

How does the download and requesting a trial license work?

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Quick start with Java

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Java application?

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Quick start with Web

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Web application?

Testing native Windows applications

Since QF-Test Version 5.0 you can test native Windows applications with QF-Test...

Special topics

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Component recognition

The most important topic when talking about software test automation...

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Web Testing

These videos are especially for testing Web applications...

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Testing Electron applications

Connecting to an Electron application is quite similiar to connecting to a web application...

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Intelligent Test preparation and postprocessing (Dependencies)

Dependencies are useful for handling setup and cleanup requirements for test-cases automatically...

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Testing PDF documents

Since Version 4.2 you can test PDF documents with every QF-Test developer license. This doesn't depend on the QF-Test technology you're using...

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The scripting languages Jython, Groovy und JavaScript help you extending your tests...

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Variables are the primary means to increase the reusability of a test-suite...

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Integration with other tools (Plug-Ins)

See here how to connect QF-Test with Eclipse and Jenkins...

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1st of April, All Fools' Day

If you not only want to see QF-Test, but also to hear the tool, you should definitely install this plug-in...

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What was the reason Quality First Software GmbH was founded?

What makes QFS to what it is?

Find here more information about us.