Faits marquants QF-Test Version 7.1

  • Arborescence révisée
  • Meilleures options d'affichage
  • Langues de script dans les conditions d'étape
  • Thème à contraste élevé
  • Inspecteur d'interface utilisateur pour les applications Windows et Swing
  • Améliorations du CustomWebResolver
  • Résolveurs de nouvelles pour Flutter, Vaadin 14+ et ARIA
  • Dessin facile sur les images et les captures d'écran

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Starter Videos

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Here you'll get a first impression of the test tool QF-Test and also a bit about the company behind...

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Download and licenses

How does the download and requesting a trial license work?


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QF-Test Tutorial

Vous trouverez ici le tutoriel en version vidéo, dans lequel nous vous guidons pas à pas à travers QF-Test...

Release Videos

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Latest QF-Test Major/Medium versions

Technology and Setup Videos

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Quick start with Web

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Web application?

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Quick start with Java

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Java application?

Quck start with Android

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Android application?

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Quick start with Windows

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my Windows application?

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Quick start for Testing PDFs

How can I achieve an efficient set up for my PDF Testing?

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Testing Webswing Applications with QF-Test

How to test my webswing application with QF-Test

Special webinars

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Recordings of QF-Test special webinars

Deep dive into selected, exciting topics around QF-Test, test automation & Co. Duration about 60 minutes.


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Component recognition

The most important topic when talking about software test automation...

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Web Testing

These videos are especially for testing Web applications...

Molecule - Electron
Testing Electron applications

Connecting to an Electron application is quite similiar to connecting to a web application...

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Intelligent Test preparation and postprocessing (Dependencies)

Dependencies are useful for handling setup and cleanup requirements for test-cases automatically...

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The scripting languages Jython, Groovy und JavaScript help you extending your tests...

Variables Icon

Variables are the primary means to increase the reusability of a test-suite...

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Integration with other tools (Plug-Ins)

See here how to connect QF-Test with Eclipse and Jenkins...

Dashboar load tests
UI based Load Tests

How do UI based load tests with QF-Test work?

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1st of April, All Fools' Day

If you not only want to see QF-Test, but also to hear the tool, you should definitely install this plug-in...

Qu'est-ce qui se cache derrière QFS?

Please activate the English subtitle in YouTube.

What was the reason Quality First Software GmbH was founded? Our management chats about what makes QFS the company it is. 

Find here more information about QFS, the people behind the scenes and QF-Test.

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