QF-Test Support - legendary

We want to offer the best possible support for our customers.
Ultra quick support directly from the authors of QF-Test is always available for you. Legendary according to the testimonials of our customers.

We support you completely in English or German.

During your QF-Test evaluation or as customer with maintenance:
support@remove-this.qfs.de or +49 8171 38648-20

Fast assistance not just in case of (starting)problems. 

The English-language Mailing List qftest-list@remove-this.qfs.de, the Forum for active QF-Test users, you can subscribe for it and search in the Mailinglist-Archive or our blog specifically for keywords.

All training content and dates. 
Place: At the customer's site or at our site

Tutorial for the start, Manual as QF-Test reference work, Standard library, Release Notes.

Entry videos: Overview, quick-start, capture/replay, component recognition, test creation, error analysis. Support videos and further videos.

Further answers concerning QF-Test can be found in our FAQ, by our full-text search (onsite search in the upper right corner), in your local QF-Test installation (see QF-Test help menu) or via context-sensitive help (click right mouse button on arbitrary tree node or attribute (in the details pane) select "What's this?" reference in the manual).

You want to get further information in which support offer fits best with your requirements? Please call us +49 8171 38648-10 or send an email to sales@qfs.de.