QF-Test Support - legendary

We want to offer the best possible support for our customers.
Ultra quick support directly from the authors of QF-Test is always available for you. Legendary according to the testimonials of our customers.

We support you completely in English or German.

During your QF-Test evaluation or as customer with maintenance:
support@remove-this.qfs.de or +49 8171 38648-20

Fast assistance not just in case of (starting)problems. 

The English-language Mailing List qftest-list@qfs.de, the Forum for active QF-Test users, you can subscribe for it and search in the Mailinglist-Archive specifically for keywords.

All training content and dates. 
Place: At the customer's site or at our site

Tutorial for the start, Manual as QF-Test reference work, Blog, Standard library, Release Notes.

Entry videos: Overview, quick-start, capture/replay, component recognition, test creation, error analysis. Support videos and further videos.

Further answers concerning QF-Test can be found in our FAQ, by our full-text search (onsite search in the upper right corner), or in your local QF-Test installation (see QF-Test help menu).

You want to get further information in which support offer fits best with your requirements? Please call us +49 8171 38648-10 or send an email to sales@qfs.de.