The standard library

The standard library qfs.qft, a test suite that is part of the QF-Test distribution, contains many useful procedures for a diverse set of tasks.

Figure 10.1:  Standard library qfs.qft

Among others there are procedures for accessing and checking components (AWT, Swing, JavaFX, SWT, Web) in a generic manner, file system and database access, logging messages or screenshots to the run log and report and for performing cleanup.

A complete description of all packages and procedures including parameters and return values is provided in the library's HTML documentation, also accessible from the QF-Test »Help« menu. The latest version is also available online.

qfs.qft is included by default in every newly created test suite. As its directory is on the library path, specifying just qfs.qft in the 'Include files' of the 'Test suite' node is sufficient.

Note All procedures referring to an SUT use the generic variable $(client) as an implicit parameter. You must make sure that this variable is set correctly either globally or locally or specified as an explicit parameter in the procedure call.